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Preemie & Teething

Hi Everyone, New to this board.  My son was born at 32 weeks with IUGR and a heart defect.  He is still in the NICU 6 months later growing in hopes of his heart surgery.  Tuesday he started to get really fussy and couldn't settle no matter what we did for him.   His cardiology team doesn't want him agitated so he is on sedation meds to keep him calm but he keeps fighting thru them to stay awake.  He isnt sleeping and can't get comfortable.  They doctors can't find any reason for him to be acting this way.  I have suggested maybe he is teething (he is 4 months adjusted) but they keep looking at me like I am crazy.

Anyone have any suggestions or a similar experience?  Even if your baby isn't in the NICU, did you experience a cranky baby around this time?
DS born @32 weeks with IUGR and a heart defect.  Passed away May 2015
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Re: Preemie & Teething

  • I hear Ya ! My baby is 7 months 5 adjusted I kept bringing up that she was teething her Ped looked at me crazy and still does trust your instincts. I'm not sure the guidelines for NICU since mine was only there two months but ask of u can give your baby highlands dissolving tablets won't hurt very natural look them up
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