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Fave meal/food right now....


Re: Fave meal/food right now....

  • Fruit & French Fries! And oh yes....anything cheesy! YUM
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  • I was on the stereotypical pickle binge for a while but now I am loving egg salad sandwiches and soups... I've been eating tons of different soups. I'm loving the savory stuff.
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  • Roasted carrots and pretty much anything red...strawberries, raspberries, red bell peppers with hummus, tomatoes and most importantly Swedish Fish Rita's Water Ice. The water ice is def the most craved item so much that my 15 year old brothers went and bought me a whole gallon of it. They bought it 3 days ago, it's almost gone. Hey, I've been sharing :)

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    August 26, 2015

  • Pizza
    Avocado toast
    Orange Juice ( even though it causes indigestion but I have to have it)
    Non pregnant I hate cereal. Pregnant I wake up some mornings and HAVE to have a bowl of cereal!
  • I am always wanting fried gizzards, pickles and mac n cheese! Yum! Lol
  • Fried green beans and lots of chicken.
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