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New with questions . . .

Hi, new to this board. I have a few questions. My H and I have been TTC for about 3 months. No luck yet. I was on the pill previously and am 31. Anyone have a similar sitch? I have heard anything under a year is normal . . .
Also, I have been monitoring my fertility signs, taking temp, etc. anyone have experience w OTC ovulation predictor kits? Positive or negative? Thanks!

Re: New with questions . . .

  • I'm in a similar situation, but a few months ahead of you. I was on the pill for many years and stopped just over a year ago. My husband and I started actively trying 10 months ago, and are about to start on our 3rd round of IUI treatments. I tried all of the ovulation kits, temperatures, ovulation signs, etc and nothing seemed to work for us. It was after 8 months that we sought out help and here we are. I am 34 and my husband will be 38 this year and he has 2 children from a previous marriage. We both for tested, and although there are alight deficiencies, there were no signs of anything significant that would prevent is from getting pregnant. My girlfriend and I started ttc at the same time and she gave birth yesterday. I have to just believe that it's not our time yet. We're trying to stay positive and hopeful.
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  • Did you get a period yet?
    3 months is nothing. Keep it up and try not to stress for a few more months.
  • Ditto Serendipitie!
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  • Hun you definitely posted on the wrong board so be prepared for snarky remarks ;) that being said, keep your head up, it takes most couples a YEAR to conceive and some longer than that. People may say that "3 months is nothing" but I know that if they think back, even those first 3 BFN's hurt like hell. So ignore the pain of it and seek real help after a year if you're still having trouble.
  • My hubby and I have been trying for 6 years and just did our first IUI last Wed. I am ready to be done trying. I am just ready to have a beautiful baby! Good luck to everyone who has been trying for some time now!
  • 15 months trying here. ✋ 3 months is nothing. I don't even remember cycle 3 lol
  • Still trying a little over a year now, keep trying :)
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