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Yup I'm pregnant!

Again!! I've been a little MIA on the bump but I'm back again with the exciting news that I am due in November and I'm only slightly shitting my pants about it happening soon. Obviously we knew what we were doing could put us in the position that we are now in and have a second when V will only be 15 months but it still came as a huge shock!!

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  • Congratulations!
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  • Congratulations!!
  • Congrats! :) Will this be your 2nd?
  • Thank you!

    Yes baby #2! @mindfulmama14
  • I just had my second baby. And it's a trip the differences between him and my daughter. Mind you there is a huge age difference between them (9 yrs) But how she was as a baby and the way he is...total opposite personalities. And The way I parent each of them, different techniques. My mother told me, well you're bo longer a mother...you are now a referee. Haha and it's totally true!

  • I'm pregnant too! DS2 is 7 months and I'm due in November as well.
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  • Congrats!
  • lizztheo said:

    I'm pregnant too! DS2 is 7 months and I'm due in November as well.

    Congrats to you as well!
  • lizztheo said:

    I'm pregnant too! DS2 is 7 months and I'm due in November as well.

    Awe yay!!!! Congrats
  • congrats!!!!! I want another baby too!
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  • Omg congrats! I literally found out today I'm pregnant, apt set for 4/6, and we are freaking out with a 7 month old now and baby #2 on the way. Also excited though! See you in November lol
  • It's so exciting for all of you!!! Super moms! I'd be terrified to have 2 so close together. I do better with larger spaces between the kids.
    Congrats though!!! :)
  • I'm so excited to hear that there are as many of you as there are that are in the same boat.
  • Looks like I am joining your ranks! Due in early December though. Total surprise for us! We were going to wait till after his first birthday to start trying. But oh so happy!!
  • Trying to get my DH on board with trying for another one!!!! 


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  • After the fact I read about all the benefits of having kids close together, maybe all the pros would help convince him :) there are a lot of them!
  • Congrats too all you pregnant ladies!!!
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  • Congrats ladies!
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    Yep. Pregnant too and due in November. With it taking two years to conceive my daughter, we are beyond shocked.
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