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upset stomach

I've got a bit of a question here..
I've read in plenty of places that diarrhea can be a sign of impending labor. Anyone have any insight or experience as to how soon it comes before labor?

I have been dealing with some yucky cold like symptoms since Saturday-still have not heard from the doc that its strep throat or anything of that nature but I am just now back to work today. However, throughout the time of having the sore throat, head ache, cough, stuffy nose, etc, I've also been experiencing random bouts of nausea and upset stomach. Just looking to see if anyone has found those symptoms to be normal with cold symptoms or if maybe the upset stomach/diarrhea is more of an "oncoming labor" sign. I will be 36 weeks tomorrow with #2. 
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Re: upset stomach

  • Unless you're expecting an early term delivery, you still have potentially 6 more weeks to go. Some people get diarrhea before labor but you wouldn't know it meant labor until after the fact. Sometimes you just have an upset stomach, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it's pregnancy related. Plus, the end of pregnancy is just one of those times where you get all these aches and pains and symptoms, but don't be so quick to attribute them to labor, especially not this early. I didn't get any specific labor symptoms until I was actually in labor.
  • Thanks @CatsAreShady ;

    I'm not expecting that labor is happening anytime too soon but was just really thrown off by the onset of the nausea-especially how it seemed to accompany the cold symptoms I have. I see my doc again next Monday so if things still seem strange at that point I can check with him if need be.!
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  • That's the beauty of pregnancy lol. Symptoms come, they go, they get replaced by new symptoms, etc. Loose bowels were a common trait for me during my last (third) pregnancy. With my first I was constipated beyond belief. Nausea can start up now due to the uterus pressing up on your gastrointestinal tract which can make it difficult for food to pass. Stay hydrated as much as possible.
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