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Sleep habits?

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What does your little one do to help fall asleep? Play with your ear lobe? Their ear lobe? The obvious sucking of the thumb?

My little guy shakes his head "no" as if he's trying to shake the sleep away. :) My daughter when she was little would shake her butt. Haha. She would also play with my ear lobe.

Re: Sleep habits?

  • Our guy talks to himself in the crib and kicks his legs against the matress. Diesn't seem relaxing to me but happy it works for him :) Babies are funny.
  • My daughter has to have her binky, her lovie and my holding her. Can not be my husband unless I am not there.


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  • My LO jumps/kicks feet, depends if he's being held or not. He also has started this rubbing/flicking motion with his hands. He will do it to my side when I nurse him and he's tired, he will also do it to his lovey (a giraffe stuffed animal).
  • My little lady uses her binky, Mr. Snuggles and me holdin her to fall asleep. If I lay her in bed w/o me putting her to sleep first she laughs and kicks her feet.. They're entertaining especially now that they're older and developing their own personalities.
  • It's so cute, he plays with his hair and curls it into a little curl then plays with his ear.. then shakes his head back and fourth until he falls sound asleep :) soo cute.
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  • My LO likes to rub/scratch on anything soft or micro fleece ..
  • I want to give him a snuggle bug, get him used to it because It's so cute seeing them snuggle with it while sleeping. BUT it could back fire on me haha what if snuggle toy gets lost! Bedtime could take a turn for the worst. My daughter had a small doll and we bought 3 back ups! Lol those little dolls went they some adventures. And of course it was a doll that was hard to find and pricey.
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