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Where to put baby??

where do you all keep your 6-7 mo th olds not yet crawling but too big for bouncy chairs and swings? If you want to use potty or throw in a load of wash? Haha sounds stupid but I'm wondering

Re: Where to put baby??

  • I use a pack and play
  • I lie him down on the floor with some toys if I don't feel safe leaving him sitting. If it's for something longer like a shower I put him in the exersaucer or the jolly jumper in the bathroom door. We put up just a clear shower curtain so I can watch him!
  • Now here is something weird that I do, don't judge :), I go to the bathroom sometimes when he's in the bath! Cause he's in this chair so he's kind of contained. During the day I would just move the bouncer to the doorway.

    I also feel comfortable leaving him on the floor in the living room with some toys if I'm just cleaning the house.

    He's moving around the living room, army crawling, more now so I got a walker for him! It has a tray so I put some toys and he follows me around the house.
  • I put LO in Highchair if I'm doing anything in the kitchen (cleaning, cooking, etc)
    I'll also put him in his crib with some toys, or in a little rocker chair we have for him.
    I'm thinking we'll be setting up the pack n play here within the next few weeks.
  • I just sit him in the living room with his toys (he's not mobile yet).  Once he gets mobile I'll set up the pnp. 
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  • I set her up on a blanket with toys. She's starting to scoot backwards so I'll probably stop doing that soon. I usually rush to get quick things done (use the bathroom, switch laundry, feed the dog, etc) while she's in the exercauser. Or I take her with me.
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  • Thanks everyone great ideas no judgement here! I didn't know they still had walkers but I like that idea I did hear the jumpers aren't good for them too long and she doesn't sit long in the high chair without thinking she will be eating and start to fuss. I set up the pack and play and going to get those play yard gates too for when I sit her down on the floor w toys
  • I saw this neat idea on Pinterest. They bought a blow up pool (had higher sides) and put it in the living room with the toys in it :)
  • Sometimes I put him in a laundry basket with ball pit type balls - baby ball pit! My 3 year old loves it too! Also fun in the pnp. I also will leave him sitting with pillows or a boppy if he is happily playing. He usually only falls over when he wants to move. When my older daughter was crawling I would set up toys or make a little obstacle course in the hall. I could gate it off and take a quick shower in the hall bath or clean up for a few min. around the house.
  • I sit her on the floor with her toys. Or, in her excer-sauser (sp?)..
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