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3rd Trimester

so ready to deliver

Hey there beautiful mamas
I just want to see if I'm the only one feeling this way. My due date is on Friday and my babe doesn't seems to want to come out. I've lost my plug over the weekend but no contraction as of yet.. I'm starting to feel misrable. How many of you are feeling like labour is just never going to happen?

Re: so ready to deliver

  • Your due date is called an estimated due date for a reason, babies aren't always ready to come. The American Association of OB / GYN says that a healthy mom can go up to 42 weeks, even though most doctors don't like to abide by this recommendation. Furthermore if you are a FTM the average FTM delivers around 41 weeks. Good luck
  • Third tri is miserable. However you haven't even hit your due date yet so no need to worry about lack of labor signs. I had nothing happen until I went into labor, no dilation, no contractions, nothing. When you're ready, it will happen.
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  • I have two more weeks to go and it feels like a year away! Getting super uncomfortable ! No signs of any labor yet here. 
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