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Clomid and sore breast?

Husband and I have been trying to concieve for 20 months now. Decided to see an RE at the beggining of the year. Blood work and SA have been done. Started Clomid day 2-7 of cycle. Formed 4 follicles, had iui Sunday the 8th and Another Monday the 9th. Follicles burst. But continued to have a +Lh surge for 5 days, normal? Anywho, that's my intro and now for the question. Anyone experience sore breast on Clomid? I experienced the hot flashes but sore breast and nipples are new. Thanks in advance!

Re: Clomid and sore breast?

  • I noticed this is a Feb post, but thought I'd reply anyways. I'm going on my 2nd round of clomid in a few days. I usually have 26 day cycles, but with clomid I had 29 day cycle. Got AF today. Big disappointment! I had sore breasts for 3 days straight with bad cramps. I knew AF was arriving with these symptoms. Other side effects I had was extreme tiredness & crankiness. I'm hoping it works this time round.  Did Clomid work for you?
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