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False Positives? XP

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This is the scoop

I did IVF last year and got pregnant. I am in my early 40's. I am breastfeeding my infant. I know they say NOT to take pregnancy tests while taking fertility meds as they will produce false positives, but how long is that true?

I am no longer taking the meds because I had my baby obviously and I just tested positive on a pregnancy test. Could that be some remnant false results from the fertility meds, or did a miracle just happen and I am possibly pregnant?!?

To make matters more confusing, I took a second test and it came back negative.

I will obviously go to the doctor to check but just wondering if anyone has heard stores of "false positives" LATER because of the meds

Re: False Positives? XP

  • A false positive is most likely going to come from an HCG trigger shot. That would be why you would either want to test out your trigger (everyone metabolizes it differently) or wait until a day or two before your beta. An HCG trigger should leave your body between 1-2 weeks.

    It sounds like it has been a year or so since your treatments. You might test again or make an appointment for a pregnancy confirmation with your doc. Good luck! Fx that this is a miracle baby!
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  • Update (kinda)

    So went to the doctor, they ran a urine test which was negative but they decided to do a blood test, too. Dont have those results yet

    It could be a) super early pregnancy or b) some of my hormones from being recently pregnant triggering the test. 

    They simply are not sure either! LOL

    Doctor said hormones from pregnant do stay in system but wasn't sure how long, so I am being treated as PUPO

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  • Huh, I didn't think about how long during pg or post partum hCG is present.  Even though I was EBF, with DD I got AF at 4.5m, pp which implies my hCG was 0 by 4m or so (for DS AF arrived at 11m pp).  If it's a BFP, FX it sticks!  I have been at this a long time and have seen enough post-IVF BFPs to expect them.  Heck, I wouldn't be utterly surprised (just mostly shocked) if I got one (TTTC over 10 yrs), but am not TTC awaiting final FET.

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  • mooseluvrmooseluvr member
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    not pregnant, so have nooo idea how test came positive. I read it correctly and never took my eyes off of it. It said "YES" and still reads as yes days later.

    NO idea how that happened. I guess it was that .1 percent

    I am 4 months out, so even the doctor didnt' think it was positive from pregnancy, but she couldn't be certain.

    It would have been a true miracle if had been truly positive considering my age, IVF history, breastfeeding, and very little time for "romantic" time since giving birth.

    Guess it wasn't meant to be, but I am okay with that as I am still exhausted from my current newborn

  • ((Hugs)). Hope you get a real and sticky BFP as soon as you are ready!
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