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Girls Name- Thoughts

Our current contender for a girl's name is - Sasha Belle

What are your thoughts?

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Re: Girls Name- Thoughts

  • Personally I really dislike Sasha on a girl.

  • I have 2 negative highschool associations with it on 2 girls, so it is difficult for me to weigh in on it.
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  • I don't mind the name Sasha, I think I just don't like the name belle with it.
  • I probably should have given some history to the names before I posted them. Sasha is my grandmother's name and Belle is DH's grandmother's name. We wanted to pay tribute to both since they both passed away in the last few years.

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  • Not a huge fan of Sasha. Belle is gorgeous though.

    Other great S names:

    Susannah Belle
    Stacia Belle
    Shoshanna Belle
    Samantha Belle
    Savannah Belle
    Sabrina Belle
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  • What about Belle Sasha?

    There's nothing wrong with Sasha, but I feel like Sasha Belle is lackluster drag stage name.
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  • I do not mind Sasha....not a huge fan of belle

  • Not really a fan of either name. However, if they are both honor names then I understand and think it's a very nice tribute. 
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  • When there is meaning behind the name - it's fine. :)

  • Love both, they are beautiful and sound great together!

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  • Sasha sounds like a stripper, as PP said. Belle is ok...


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  • I don't like either name. I'm sorry to say that knowing they are your grandmothers' names. Maybe you could use their middle names? What are those?
  • 4N6s4N6s
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    I dislike the name Sasha. Reminds me of sausage and a friends dog.
  • I love them both!
  • What about Belle Sasha?

    There's nothing wrong with Sasha, but I feel like Sasha Belle is lackluster drag stage name.
    By the by, Sasha Belle was eliminated on week 2 of RuPauls Drag Race Season 7, so......I was completely on point with my earlier comment.

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  • I love the idea of honor names but if you're asking for an opinion on these 2 names specifically I'd have to say I absolutely love Belle but I'm not a big fan of Sasha.
  • NoaPNoaP
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    Sasha is NN for Alexandra. You could use Alexandra (which is beautiful, IMO), though sadly I don't think Alexandra Belle will work :-( The Alexander Graham Bell connotation is just too powerfull...

    Maybe Alexandra Bella...?
  • Sasha Belle is not my favorite, but I love the reasoning behind this name choice so I would say absolutely go with it. And not Belle Sasha...that doesn't flow well. It didn't evoke any negative images for me that are relevent to you naming your daughter (just an ex friend who screwed me I said, doesn't matter ;) )
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