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Weight gain

how do you ladies handle this? I've never been small but avg about a size 9 pre-pregnancy. Always fairly active. Now I work all day, come home and do all house chores and tend to animals and then I just want to sleep. My First pregnancy that has made it this far. I'm def not as sick now as I was in the beginning. I lost 12 lbs the first month bc I could barely keep water down. Husband is worried about me getting too big and unhealthy. I'm eating fairly healthy but all my medium pants are snug and I feel gross.

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  • If you've lost weight why is your husband worried about you getting too big?
  • You are suppose to gain weight, I hope your husband realizes that and isn't too hard on you. They say 5lbs the first trimester, and a pound a week after that. No worries, it sounds like you are active and that's great!
  • I hope that your husband isn't saying these things in an unsupportive way. I have always been naturally small (sometimes too small). Pre-pregnancy I had a couple extra holiday pounds but I was sitting at around 110 with my height being about 5'5, maybe just under. Gaining weight hasn't been the easiest thing for me to get my head around (my poor SO has had to deal with a little crazy on that front). But here's what I've come to terms with and what the point is : it's for the baby. If you've lost weight, clearly you aren't growing very quick right? I think the most difficult part is gaining weight before our bellies pop, because we don't feel like it's for the baby, but it is. I think all you can do is focus on eating healthy and honestly, try not to sweat the weight. If you're getting in trouble, your doc will let you know. Try to have a sit-down with your husband and let him know that you're committed to being healthy for you and the baby, and tell him that you really need his support. Honestly, I've known women whose commitment to getting healthy post-baby puts them in a place where they're in even better shape than before! But I do know you need your hubs on your side, so make sure he knows that.
  • @sugarmagn0lia I couldn't have said it better myself!

    I got married in August and bustled my butt to look awesome for the wedding and then slowly didn't keep up with working out and gained 10-15lb pre-preg which was hard to swallow after I got pregnant that I was going to continue to gain weight....but honestly? In a couple months you won't even SEE those extra pounds past our bellies! Baby needs those stored calories for when we can't keep food down or are too tired to eat, etc....those extra stores are to keep baby happy :) so don't sweat about it and try to be as healthy as YOU can be! Don't sweat about anyone else's pregnancy weights/habits but your own and baby will be fine!
  • I have about 40 pounds of weight to lose pre baby. I've been having a really hard time with looking bloated instead of pregnant. My DH is very sweet about it and knows that it stresses me out but tells me that I am making a baby and I look beautiful. Not trying to brag, but I feel like this should be the response from all men on weight gain during pregnancy. You're creating life. Weight can always come off later. 
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  • Yes agreed with all previous comments. As long as you stay active and try to eat fairly healthy. the weight is going to come naturally and you need it. Believe me. With my fisrt by the end of tbe pregnancy i gained a whopping 60 pounds 30 in tbe last 2 months not because i wasnt eating right i just blew up. Couple weeks after the baby i had 15 pounds over what i originally weighed. I hate how ppl make comments about how big or little pregnant women are or gaining too much weight or not enough. Like making a baby and trying to stay away from unhealthy things arent nerve wracking enough.
    Hope your hubby is being supportive and not critical. Good luck
  • I feel gross too. I'm heavier too. About 20lbs over weight pre pregnancy. It's a struggle. But hubby makes me feel beautiful.
  • This is just my experience, I was not feeling right my whole first pregnancy, not eating well and stuff and never exercised and I only gained like 30 lbs, also had baby 36 weeks.  Now my second after I got over the first trimester I ate whatever and stayed active only by taking care of a toddler and I got way out of control eating and I gained 70lbs.  I'm scared I will this time too.  As much as I gained I stayed healthy the whole time and I lost all of my baby weight each time thanks to breastfeeding.  I have no advice as I was never able to just not gain much due to my own will power to stay healthy. 

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  • kjs08kjs08
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    Everyone's different. I lost 4lbs after my first appt 7 weeks ago and now I'm back to what I started at. I'm running more now that it's getting warm out and still strength training, but it was really hard for me to do anything besides sleep my first trimester. Gaining a pound a weeks is suggested, but as with PP's, not everyone does. My sister gained 75lbs with her first, but she also ate really bad and wasn't active at all. My doctor told me I should gain no more than 25-30lbs and while I'd like to stay with that, I know that I may be above or below that number. As long as you're doing what you can to be healthy and your blood tests all come back normal and you feel good, you'll be fine :)
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