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Movement, and then none?

Perhaps I am jumping the gun and being overly sensitive to baby's movements. I am 19 weeks and felt baby start moving last week. It wss sporadic at first, but then started to happen everyday. However, in the last 24 hours, I haven't really felt any kicks or jabs. I can feel where my uterus hardens in certain areas and assume baby is still moving-I just don't feel it. When would you suggest getting concerned or mentioning to doctor? 

Re: Movement, and then none?

  • You should ask your doctor this.

    But I think it is way too early to feel consistent predictable movement.
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  • This early on when there is still plenty of "wiggle room" for baby it is normal to feel movement and then not for awhile. I have had this same thing happen - felt movement, then nothing, but I have heard baby's heartbeat and I know all is well. If you are really worried, talk to your OB, but I wouldn't be concerned this early on about it.

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    Depending on where your lil one is positioned, it may be sporadic until he/she gets bigger.
  • Thank you. I have my mid-pregnancy appointment tomorrow anyways, so we will know for sure how little one is soon!
  • Don't worry mama! I'm 19 weeks as well and I had this concern. My doc said baby sleeps most of the day and most of his movements are too small to feel or we will assume it is something else. She said they don't start looking for consistant movement until about 29 weeks! I'm sure your baby is just fine :)
  • You could try eating a snack/cold drink/juice and laying down on your back. Usually if I do that I feel her moving pretty soon after
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  • Went for our "big" ultrasound and he was moving like crazy! I asked my doc about my concern and she said it is still too early to expect consistency, that the kick counting doesn't start for a while and that I shouldn't be concerned. Relief!
  • Same thing has been happening to me at 18 (almost 19) weeks. I was so nervous but so glad to hear that the inconsistency is normal right now . :)
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