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Cut me some slack AW moment *updated *

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So , I'm bored , 34 weeks and in hospital attached to a Doppler awaiting the arrival of my lil man , no contractions as yet , but a snot load of fluid , so any day now I will be a mum !! How exciting !! So from the land down under nomesy would like to say hi as cloudedskies and If I get banned again I love you all !! If you are a part of any group that I may be in I'll keep you updated :) and sorry if I've annoyed anyone lately , I was gonna blaze of glory but instead went for an AW moment instead :) xxxx

Re: Cut me some slack AW moment *updated *

  • Hello nomesy! Hope you and LO have a great birth! AW away! See you on the flip side!

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  • Haha I knew from your "style" that I knew you. I hope you and baby are doing well. :)
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  • Still no sign as yet , but he has stopped moving about so much
  • Wishing you good baby vibes! And healthy birth however it happens!!
  • Sending lots of love and FX. Keep us updated:-)
  • We do care! I've been waiting for you to update us. I'm glad to hear that you're home, and my positive thoughts are with you!
  • Thankyou @juliaandpatrick you are the only person I recognize .! Bring on the test results tomorrow ...
  • Hope all is well with you and baby! Positive thoughts for good results headed your way.
  • T&P sent your way! Wishing you a smooth labor and delivery :-)
  • Glad you gave us an update. I consider myself a reg gone lurker. I still read stuff on here, but rarely have the energy to actually leave a reply, unless it's for a fellow reg or in support of a loss/birth/event.
  • Glad you're back home to bake for a couple more days at least.
    Hopefully you will be GBS -, and not need antibiotics and induction.
  • Good to have you back!!!! And keep that baby a baking!
  • Well test results are positive , I'm being induced as I type
  • Good luck!
  • Here we go!!!!
  • Congrats! I'm glad everything went well for you and little man. Wishing you all a short hospital stay.
  • Happy to hear y'all are both doing well!!! Congratulations!!


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  • Congrats... Keep us updated!
  • Yay! Congratulations!!
    You did it!!!!
  • Congrats! Glad you guys are doing well!
  • cloudedskiescloudedskies member
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    Pics won't load I don't think
  • Congratulations!
  • @cloudedskies how are you and your little man doing?
  • Congratulations!!
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