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What will baby sleep in?

I am having a tough time deciding what baby will sleep in the first few months. We are getting a mini crib, but I know that in the beginning I am going to want him close to me. I was looking into an Arms Reach co-sleeper but they are pretty pricey and a friend of mine said her baby wouldn't sleep in there! She suggested a rock and play which helps keep baby semi upright incase they have colic or reflux. As a first time mom, I don't want to waste money on something that won't be used. Any suggestions? What will your baby be sleeping in? 

Re: What will baby sleep in?

  • I think I'm going to go the Rock n Play route as well.
  • With our son he was in a pack 'n play beside the bed for the first 4-5 weeks then he moved into his crib. For the first few weeks we did a mix of cobedding and him in the pack'n play.

    Worked out well as we didn't purchase anything special for only a few weeks.

    Will be doing the same thing for baby #2.

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  • We are planning on using a Pack n Play. Once your baby outgrows the Arms Reach it seems like it would just become useless. The Rock n Play seems like a good option!
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  • I'm planning on just starting himnin his crib. Dh doesn't want to have him in our bedroom. So if anything I'll just sleep in the babies room. I figure less of a tough time doing the whole transition thing.
  • Jokes. We've been given my partners crib from when he was a baby, it's really nice.
  • We have always used the arms reach bedside bassinet. (We also let our babies sleep on there bellies. Babies will sleep anywhere on their tummies!)But we gave that away when DS grew out of it. We used it till they could start pulling them selfs up. This time we will use the pack and play. However I do not think I will like it as much as the arms reach. In really hoping I can find one on facebook before the baby comes!
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    we have a wooden family bassinet that baby will sleep in next to our bed for the first 6-10 weeks and will transition them to the crib when i get ready to go back to work. it's more of a comfort thing for me to have the baby right beside me than any other reason - baby's room will be right next to ours so it's not like it's far away.

    ETA that we are also planning on having a pack and play w/bassinet for downstairs nap time.

  • With my daughter we tried everything (bassinet, rock n play, crib, pack n play) and finally figured out that literally the only thing she would sleep in was her swing. So my answer is whatever works!
  • We have a fisher price bassinet to try in our room at first, just for the ease of night nursing. 

    Our first child didn't sleep well at all in our room and moved to his room right away in his crib. 

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  • I've had several moms recommend the rock n play sleeper so we registered for one of those. Our nursery is right next to our master bedroom though, so I plan to have baby sleep in the crib fairly early on. The rock n play might be nice for the first couple of weeks though.
  • I'm interested to see so many people use the pack n play. That was DH and my first inclination too. Since they have the bassinet insert it just seemed to make sense because we will want one of those anyway and it can be used longer than a bassinet or co-sleeper. That's definitely how we are leaning. Our house is fairly small and the nursery won't be far from us so we plan to transition to nursery sooner rather than later.
  • Pack n play or bassinet
  • Crib in our room
  • We'll do the crib for all nighttime sleeping and the pack and play and crib for naps depending on who is home. I know during the first few weeks I'll need to limit stairs, so pnp is best to keep downstairs.

    I also like this option because it'll switch between quiet time sleeping and sleeping with some background noise. I feel like it's good for sleep training.
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  • My first wouldn't sleep in the crib or anything. Only place I could get her to sleep was on the floor. This time, we are goin to try the family craddle but I will just go with the flow and do what works. (My first still loves to sleep on the floor)
  • With DS, we used a crib. He mostly fell asleep on my chest and then I'd put him in the crib when he was asleep. As he got older, he became afraid of his crib and co-slept with DH and me. This time I think I want to use a bassinet. Currently, DS, DH, and I share a room, and when LO is born, she will sleep in our room too. Having a twin bed, queen bed and a crib will be very crowded. I hoping the bassinet will not take up too much space. I WILL NOT allow this baby to sleep with us. I just got my bed back from DS, two months ago, I don't want to have to share it again. LOL.  

  • We have a rock n Play we will be using for the first month or so, then to his crib.

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  • The same bassinet bothe my girls slept in.
  • A bassinet next to our bed.  DD and DS slept in the same one, it worked well.
  • just purchased a rock and play on recommendation. My first two slept in the pack and play but I'd rather not have that big bulky thing in our room. Hoping the rock and play is as great as most claim it is, and the third is mellow and just goes with the flow :-)
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    Bassinet for a few weeks then the crib. While I've never used a rock n play, many of my friends have experienced a rough transition to the crib if they're kids slept in the rock n play too long. They go from an incline to laying flat and had a hard time. Granted, I think this was a prolonged arrangement, around 6-ish months.


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  • Both of mine slept in a bassinet by our bed for the first few months. My son stayed longer because he was the first and his room was seemed so far away! We figured out quickly with my daughter that she slept better not right beside of us moved her to her room right across the hall after a couple months. But I agree with whatever works!!
  • Rock n play. Both my little guys stayed in that for the first 6 months. (Mind you I have tiny babes) - my second had colic, so it ended up being a lifesaver since he needed the incline.
  • My husband and I splurged on this fancy bassinet by bellini. It was gorgeous! My daughter HATED it! She opted for the pack and play. Diva.
  • Pack n play
  • Rock and play sleeper all the way! I loved how easy it was to move around the house and my daughter loved it until she was too big for it! We already bought another one for this baby because my daughter rocks her baby dolls in her old one.

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    Loved the rock n play last time around but this time we're going to start with a Moses basket on a rocker the same height as the bed. I didn't care for the arms reach and the rock and play was a little low for my liking when getting up in the middle of the night after c-section. Basically if it doesn't work im only out $40 for the basket since my hubby will make the rocking stand.
  • ewdean said:

    Both of mine slept in a bassinet by our bed for the first few months. My son stayed longer because he was the first and his room was seemed so far away! We figured out quickly with my daughter that she slept better not right beside of us moved her to her room right across the hall after a couple months. But I agree with whatever works!!

    Yes exactly! Both my girls slept in a crib in my room. But my oldest developed a codependency kind of thing from sleeping next to me for 4 months (woo so long!) lol but my youngest slept in the bassinet for 2 months then went to the crib! And she slept amazingly in her crib (4 feet away) lol! But this baby I have learned that independence is an amazing thing!
  • My pram has a bassinet, so will be in that right next to me.
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