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weight loss before labor?

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I had an OB/GYN appt today and noticed that I lost a couple of pounds when I was weighed. Of course, I asked my doc about it (I have a curious mind) and it is a normal thing that probably means nothing at all. I could be wearing different clothes, full stomach, full bladder, etc, etc.

However, I got to thinking, do any of the moms know if they lost a couple pounds before going into labor? I heard this can happen but brushed it off as a wive's tale.

Re: weight loss before labor?

  • I haven't gained any weight since 28 weeks. All women are different all pregnancies are different. I think it's pretty common. My doctor hasnt made much of a deal About my weight and everything I have read doesn't worry me.
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  • I had lost a few pounds before going into labor. I also had the poops really bad, sorry for TMI. But like PP said everyones body and every labor is different.
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  • I always lose 2lbs or so before labor. I notice it usually about a week out.
  • I have lost about 2 pounds since last week I noticed at my visit yesterday, so you are definitely not alone. Dr said not to worry that it happens.
  • I've gained 39 lbs total
    Weeks 35-38 I gained 3lbs a week !
    When I went yesterday I dropped five and I don't know how. I've bn using bathroom a lot more and my whole pelvic area is sore like I've been working out. Maybe body getting ready ? I don't know. I haven't had one single contraction though, not even BH. Everyone is different.
  • Thank you so much for all the responses! I'm definitely not worried, just curious to other experiences. I just thought it was interesting. I told my Doc straight up "I don't know how this happened. I had 2 pieces of cake yesterday." Lol. This experience is very different for me and I'm still stumbling through what to look for labor wise. My first was induced as my water broke follwed by zero labor and I was GBS+. This time is definitely a different ball game.

    Again, I'm very thankful for the responses! We're all so close, so good luck to everbody!
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    It's not directly related to labor, but it does commonly happen.

    In your final weeks, your stomach is so crammed and you have so much reflux that appetite decreases. It's also common for hormone fluctuations to cause morning sickness to somewhat come back. With all that happening, it's extremely common for women in their final weeks to drop weight.
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  • With the throwing up again and all the pooping (tmi, sorry lol) I have not gained any weight in about three weeks. I'm 37 weeks. As long as it isn't a significant weight loss, I wouldn't worry to much.
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  • With my first I didn't have that at all but with this one I lost like .5-2 pounds the last three weeks. Turns out I had an 8 pound 14 ounce baby, the doctor said he was taking my weight!
  • Oh man, I'm hoping the baby is taking my weight! Lol. I feel much larger this time around, even my husband thinks this baby will be bigger. We shall see. 39w today but I've been sick all day and contracting non stop. Nothing is progressing for me though. Oh well.
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