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Anyone else hungry all the time?

at 6w5d I can't stop eating! Or at least I feel like I'm always eating. I get excited if I'm able to go 2 hours without feeling insatiably hungry. I don't want to gain too much weight in the first trimester but my body is screaming for food. I'm trying to eat healthy stuff but some nights pizza or hamburgers are all I can think about. I'm also running out of ideas for small hourly snacks. So far I've been munching on oranges, apples, nuts, yogurt, cheese stick, popcorn...I wish I had more of an appetite for veggies. Any ideas for snacks or ways to tame the hunger?
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Re: Anyone else hungry all the time?

  • I'm in the same boat!!!!!! I need to eat every hour hour and a half before I start feeling gaggy again X_X all I want are cookies chips popcorn and all fattening foods that you could think of! I'm snacking on pineapple strawberries and raspberries at the moment but I want some junk food!!!!
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  • I was that way VERY badly for weeks 6-8, now it's tapering off a little on my 8th week. I can eat a bigger meal and actually stay FULL for several hours, unlike before. I actually cried one time because I was so tired of eating, haha!! It'll pass!
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  • I am sooooo tired of eating! My pants are already tight from bloat so every time I eat something I can't help but think about my expanding waistline and losing baby weight after pregnancy. I don't want to make it any harder on myself but I feel totally out of control.
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  • I can think of nothing but a hamburger, covered with pickles and ketchup. (Give me ALL the pickles! I'm such a stereotypical pregnant lady.) I craved hamburgers while I was pregnant with DD and once my husband brought home FOUR at once for me because he was tired of me asking for them. (I didn't want hamburgers again after that.)

    Unfortunately it's either "eat all the time" or "feel really sick" for me. Since I've got two little ones to take care of, I'm eating all the time. Drinking water helps keep me from going too crazy though.
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  • I have to keep snacks at my desk at work. I eat and eat and am still hungry! I'm at 6 weeks and am taking full advantage of being able to eat this much!!
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  • I found a recipe for Homemade TBell Crunch Wraps on Pinterest... oh, yes.

  • I'm about to have some fettucine (again) and a baked potato (again) haha so excited! <:-P
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  • YES! And I get grouchy when I don't eat as soon as I feel the hunger pains! I feel like I'm already HUGE but all I want is foooood!!!
  • So glad I'm not the only one! I look way more pregnant than I am, when you combine all the eating & bloating!
  • ME TOO. I need a snack every two hours and get a little peaky if I can't get one.
  • I really can't stop eating either and it's totally annoying cause I feel sicky if i don't . For some reason I just have carbs like my life depends on it !!! :((
  • Yep me too I'm 6 weeks today and must eat every 2 hours or so or else I will feel so nauseous ! Also now I have such a sweet tooth , I've never had that before
  • Wife's first craving was pop. She never drinks it normally. Sprite zero due to no caffeine. Easy enough so far v
  • Totally! I have never had such a sweet tooth until now !(7wk) it's the only think that sounds appetizing
  • I am glad I'm not the only one. I haven't even hit 7 weeks and I feel like I'm already starting to look pregnant. But if I don't eat I get nauseous and unfortunately all I crave is carbs and Mexican food haha. Plus I'm tired alllll the time and haven't worked out much. I don't want to gain too much this trimester but it has not been easy!
  • I.AM.STARVING.ALL.THE.TIME! I'm 7w2d and I feel like I need to eat every hour. I just ate dinner 30 minutes ago and I want to eat again! I have to be having a boy to want to eat this much! ;)
  • I have been STARVING and completely unreasonable if I don't get food (and the right food ;) ) RIGHT AWAY!! I'm craving crazy things like red meat and pickles and ice cream.  I never want red meat. Crazy!! Hubby is great with indulging my insanity though :D


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  • I am starving too, but there isn't much I want to eat. My stomach is actually growling so loud right now but I'm too tired to fix anything! I will be 6 weeks tomorrow. Had my first craving yesterday for cereal and pickled okra (not together)!
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    All I want is Moes burritos. I just had one for dinner actually. :) oh and grapes...hubby is bringing me grapes home now actually.
  • Yessss! I am 8w and hungry 24/7. And as glad as I am to have an appetite, I get sick of eating. It's like my stomach will be EMPTY as if I haven't eaten in days...and then I'll eat and I'll be so bloated that I can't move...but yet, still hungry. And if I don't eat every 1.5 - 2h I will throw up. It's hard to explain. Pregnancy is SO strange. I crave everything unhealthy too...ahhh no self control!!!
  • So hungry I feel like that little orange monster on the Weight Watchers commercial. For me it's carbs- rice, potatoes, crackers. Anything easy to digest because the nausea is lurking right behind the hunger. The thing I hate most is I'll really want something then get it and it either tastes wrong or upsets my tummy.
  • I'm with all of you ladies! I'll eat a meal then an hour later it's like I haven't eaten in days! It's insane! I'm trying to keep myself semi full on healthy snacks like fruits and veggies and also drinking TONS of water. I drink about 4 liters a day.
  • Same boat here. I had two breakfasts today, one when I woke up nauseous at 3:30 am and one on the way to work. I have been pretty hungry but until today small snacks have worked. I told DH that I feel like I could eat all of the things. #allthethingssounddelicious
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