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Invisible Mommy.

My son will be 7 months old on March 8th... But every time he sees me he cries. Like I'm just a bloating boob haha. When he's happy with someone else like his daddy or a friend I have to hide just so he doesn't see me and get upset.. Does anyone else see that in their kids or am I alone on this one? How can I change things so he will actually interact and be happy with me without me having to nurse him every single time?

Re: Invisible Mommy.

  • For the most part, LO gets really happy and excited to be with me and loves attention from me. That being said, there are times where he is really fussy and only DH can calm him down after my failed attempts.
    DH and will always say "he's ready for a change of arms" once he starts getting fussy with one of us.
  • That makes sense. He will hang out with me and be happy for a moment until he's the slightest bit hungry then freak out. But it seems like that's quite frequently. My husband plays with him too but when I come into the room, our sin cries to come back to me. Idk if he's just a mommas boy or always hungry lol.
  • My DD is always wanting me but we had to formula feed due to health reasons. She will go to other people but after a while she just wants me.


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  • Oh, ha ha. I think I misunderstood you at first! I thought you meant LO cried when he saw you in general. I didn't correlate it was because he associated you with his food or because he wanted you. This did happen to me a while back.. He'd see me and I think he just saw me as his food source.
    But we no longer have that issue. He can be a "cry baby" around new faces though... He probably needs to get used to others but we don't have the option to leave him with others.
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