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Any advice on when we should stop swaddling? Baby is 4 months old and will only settle when swaddled. When should we stop doing this and is there a way to transition out of the swaddling technique?

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  • We still swaddle at bedtime (3mos). I read Happiest Baby on the Block by Dr Karp, and he recommends slowly weaning the 5s, as babies show signs of being able to self soothe. For the swaddle he recommends trying to swaddle with one arm out at first, and see how he does. If his startle reflex still makes it hard for him to sleep unswaddled,then wait a bit and try again in a few weeks. I've heard some people say they started unswaddling when baby started to roll, or when baby can roll from back to stomach, and some say they swaddled until 6 or 7 months. I'd said do what you're comfortable with. J still sleep in a RNP, and doesn't roll, so I'm not concerned right now. When we transition her to a crib in a few months we'll readdress if we're still swaddling her.
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  • We stopped swaddling DD when she started preferring to sleep on her side, so probably about 2.5 months. And now that she's a consistent roller, I definitely don't want to swaddle her! At her 2:30 am wake up last night, she was on her tummy. I put her down on her back. First time she's fully rolled over.

    I'd say trial and error with your swaddling. Maybe try a few different ideas over the weekend, that way if LO has bad nights at least it's the weekend and you can hopefully catch up on sleep. I'd say even go as far as leaving LO completely unswaddled once...you never know.

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  • Our LO started rolling this week, and our pedi said to stop swaddling immediately when this happened. We tried swaddling with the arms out, but she immediately rolls to her belly and won't roll back and I'm too scared to let her sleep in the crib like this. So it's back to the rock and play for now. I'm planning on buying a Baby Merlin's sleepsuit this week so that we can get her used to sleeping in the crib on her back: http://www.magicsleepsuit.com/
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  • What does the sleep suit do?! I have never seen this before
  • I'm too "crazy" to answer this question.
  • What does everyone put their LO in underneath the sleep suit?
  • I still swaddle for bed at 3 mos, she's also still sleeping in the rock and play next to my bed! I have no plans of stopping anytime soon either! During naps she isn't swaddled though. When did everyone start putting their LO in their crib?
  • She loved to be swaddled...until one night she fought it/seemed uncomfortable and I knew she was ready to be done with it she was just over 3 months.  This was just last week so I have been putting her in the sleep suit.  It hasn't "magically" helped her sleep better but it does keep her warm and feeling snug.  Her room is chilly so I put a sleeper on her under the sleep suit. She has been in her crib since 5 weeks. 
  • We have been using the Magic Sleepsuit to transition from the swaddle.  Its awesome!  Sleeping as well or better than when swaddled and no longer frustrated with how constricted he was in the swaddle.  The web site explains why it works.  It helps muffle the startle reflex and has some fabric weight (3 layers of fabric) to help baby stay cozy.  We used with our other babies in summer and its remarkably cool.  It is open at hands and feet so heat can escape.  Wonderful design by a pediatric physical therapist.  
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