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Traveling with babe

We're planning our first flight with little one, he'll be 8-9 months. We're flying from CT to New Orleans and then driving to FL and flying back. Anyone travel and not bring a pack n play? I  believe most hotels have these available right? We'll likely go Southwest so I think carriers and strollers are free. Any tips are much appreciated! (And yes we'll be going to Bourbon Street and Disney --> mom of the year :) )

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  • We are flying from pa to tx when babe is 9months. We'll be staying with family so I am taking our pack n play but we are renting the car seat with the car rental place. No other advice but I'm looking forward to seeing other people's responses.
  • I'm thinking of traveling with my ds and I'm concerned about flying and his ears hurting, any tips?
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  • I've heard have them nurse/drink a bottle or use a pacifier during take off and landings.
  • I heard the pacifier too but he doesn't like the pacifier :-( and he doesn't want drink his bottle if he's not hungry :-(
  • When we flew, we got our son his own seat (bring car seat) and I highly recommend this. Gave him a little baby tylenol in case his ears acted up (pediatrician rec. and gave us dose info). Nursed on way up and down. Had a pack n play reserved at the hotel but when it got to us, it was outdated and unacceptable. I complained - baby slept with us. I let the management know and coincidentally they were being inspected the same weekend. New cribs were being ordered. We rented a car but did not need to rent a baby seat because we brought ours. Just try to get baby to swallow on way up and down.
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  • Sani84 said:
    I heard the pacifier too but he doesn't like the pacifier :-( and he doesn't want drink his bottle if he's not hungry :-(

    Then plan his feedings around take off and landing for the day.
  • I have travelled with my LO a few times and the best tips I have are check as much stuff as you can so you dont have to drag it through the airport. And wear your baby. A stroller is a hassle going through security, gate checking, waiting for it when you land, etc. Its more trouble than its worth.

    I wear LO. And I dont have to take him off of me when I walk through the metal detector, it is so easy.

    I have never paid for an extra seat because I didnt want to waste the money.

    I also strongly suggest renting baby gear. Although that might not work for you if you are going to multiple destinations.

    And I would never give my LO medicine he does need (like tylenol) for the flight. Either feed your LO for take off and landing, give a paci, or just distract them. It has never bothered my LO. He was more annoyed by not being able to roll around.

  • Thanks for he recommendation of checking the stroller. I will just wear her through the airport.
  • Thanks for the rec!
    Debating the stroller situation too: we have an umbrella which we've never used yet and the city mini jogger gt, which is pretty lightweight but I can see it being cumbersome during travel. We are going to Disney World though and I heard renting a stroller there is a fortune. LO doesn't really like being worn, we have the baby bjorn and he'll go in it if he has to but tends to get frustrated after about 20 minutes. Debating updating to an ergo but the cost and amount of time he'll actually use it seem to be a waste.
  • I found an ergo at a retail shop and a bunch on Craigslist for $60-80 which is about 1/3 of retail.
  • Please please please don't rent a car seat.  They could very likely have been in an unreported accident or badly mistreated.  It's akin to taking medication from someone's pocket.  It's a life saving device that you need to be able to put your full trust in and since it's been through so many people, you can't have that trust.  
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  • We'll definitely be taking the car seat :)
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    Try and time lo's feedings so that they are hungry for takeoff and landing. You want them to really want the bottle at that time. They will suck a little harder :-) and that will help clear their ears.
  • If you had to choose between take off and landing for a feeding, the landing seems to bother my LO's ears way worse. Also hide away some toys about a week before your trip and bring them back out during the flight. Toys were especially helpful for us during layovers. If you have the option, I'd take a stroller that you didn't mind getting a little beaten up. They do their best, but sometimes they get scratched when you gate check them.
  • So do you check the car seat attached to the base? Also there are rentals for all baby gear.. It's a website called hassle free vacation or no hassle vacation and They deliver set up pull down and pick up and sanitize :)
  • You don't use bases on planes.  You install the seat on the plane and then install it baseless at your destination :)
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