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NAS JAX Experience?

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Hi All,

I have very limited experience with my first pregnancy at NAS Jax, as I was referred out very quickly because I was high risk with twins. They handled my miscarriage in Oct of 13 pretty terrible, so I'm a little skeptical going in again this time.

As a matter of fact, we're going on 2 days of without a returned call. So.. does anyone have positive experience before I decide to switch to Standard?


Re: NAS JAX Experience?

  • I delivered at Naval Hospital JAX in March 2011.  I was definitely worried at first.  If you google some of their malpractice cases they can be pretty terrifying.  Being active duty, I don't have the option of going out in town.  My husband and I even briefly contemplated a home birth.  Ultimately we saw a midwife at JAX for the majority of my pregnancy (started off at the NS Mayport clinic) and delivered at JAX and our experience was absolutely fine. I only have one child (due Aug 2015 with our second to be delivered at Tripler Army Medical Center in Hawaii), so I have nothing else to compare it to.  But there wasn't anything I remember being disappointed about.  That being said, my pregnancy and delivery were also pretty uncomplicated.  We stayed at home until the last minute and our son was born within an hour and a half of arriving at JAX.  I'd deliver there again.  Hope that helps, let me now if you have any more specific questions.  Also, I don't feel the same about the Pediatrics Department at all!  We went to JAX for our first couple appointments and then promptly found a pediatrician out in town.
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    @emilee13 That's kind if ironic because I've been so pleased with their Peds department.

    I'm glad you had a good experience! I'm giving them another shot, but so far it's not rolling out well from the get-go. I work full time and truly can't take time away for the 2 hour orientation that they do and have gotten zero feedback on what to do from their nurse who handles in takes.

    My H and I were talking and we agree that if things are very smooth and uncomplicated that the bade hospital does a great job, anything other than that is sketchy. They also are very very baby friendly now, and I'm not so sure that's a good thing.

    I appreciate your feedback, it's nice to hear something positive from their OB department. Ultimately if we can stay Prime, that would be best. Especially being due after the fiscal year, but time will tell I suppose.
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  • My husband and I decided to put me on Standard simply because I will be in Az far from and base or Va hospital as he leaves on deployment before Im due and I am going to stay with family there. We have had a ton of issues with tricare not covering specific procedures/ test even though the Dr is recomended by them. Just be careful if you swich and make sure everything is covered before you get a bill for 2000 from a lab for blood work your OB outsources. Standard is very picky and not fun to try and reason with afterwords. I love my dr and the choice to see her thats awesome with standard but just watch whats being done or you can dround with med bills.
  • Thanks for the heads up @BbyPrather. I'm so used to Prime just covering everything, so I appreciate that!
  • @emilee13 do you get private rooms at JAX?
  • Yes, private rooms! And they're very nice. I just toured Tripler here in Hawaii and they're private as well, but the rooms in JAX were sooooo much nicer! I think they had just recently been redone when I delivered there in 2011.
  • Fantastic!! We moved from a very small town where nobody ever shared a room so I was a bit nervous!
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