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Making baby food

moms that make your own baby food...what do you follow? I though it's common sense but having difficulty knowing what foods to make how thick and what comes next?!

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  • I go to It's pretty helpful :)
  • beanie401 said:

    I go to It's pretty helpful :)

    Thanks for sharing! I'll have to check this out. Right now I'm using jarred food and I'm intimidated to start making my own.
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    I have a hand blender so I just take a bit of food aside for DS when it's done cooking and either mash with a fork or blend with the blender on the spot. DS self feeds with a spoon so I find thicker sticks to the spoon much better for him but if i think it needs thinning out I either use a bit of the cooking water or some frozen breastmilk (I took a hammer to one of the bags in my freezer stash so now I can just take out little chunks when I need it). As a bonus the frozen milk helps cool his food down quickly!

    I prefer to make his food as I go because I can judge each time how chunky I want to make it.

    Eta: I take a bit of whatever I'm making DH and I that night. Not sure if that was clear.
  • I make my own food and also following the website mentioned above. I cook stuff up on Sunday's and freeze in ice cube trays :)
  • Right now I am steaming/cooking fruits and veggies, blending them up (adding water as needed to thin) and then doing like above, freezing them in cubes. Once frozen, I pop them out & put them in ziploc bags, marking what they are. Easy to pull out of the freezer! I can pull out one pear, one pea (or whatever) and we have our combo :)
  • But how do you know what veggie to go to next and how thick you should make it based on the stage you are at?
  • My ped gave me a print out of when to intro foods. Most veggies and fruits are okay. Right now no citrus or tomato, the acidity can be rough on their tummies. Try a new food for at least 3 days to make sure there aren't any allergic reactions. If you're just starting solids, make them pretty thin, almost soupy, then work your way to an applesauce consistency. From there, once your baby can happily eat that, you can start to make it thicker/more chunky. We are on thick purees and around 7 months will start adding more texture. By 8-10 months they can start working on finger foods, very small thinks like grated cheese, soft fruit, cooked veggies, etc.
  • @mindfulmama14 I was intimidated too! I use some tricks though, like frozen veggies. Just microwave then blend! Also, in a pinch you can use canned/jarred fruit so long as there is no added sugar (natural fruit juice only), or preservatives. Open can, drain, blend! For the sweet potato, I washed, microwaved, then just scooped out the insides so no peeling. Squash I am lazy and am buying precubed for now at the store :)
  • I use the baby bullet cookbook that came with it. And I found a cute little site in pinterest that I want to start using to add some more flavor to the foods my little guy has already tried.

    I didn't do this with my first kiddo so I'm very nervous as well. So I'm just taking it one food at a time. ☺️
  • When you take out the frozen food from the freezer do you let it thaw in its own? How much ahead of time do you take it out?
  • I take it out the night before and it is usually thawed by then.
  • Ditto as above.
  • Great! Thanks
  • This is the first time I'm making my own baby food. Are you ladies adding water or beast milk/formula to the veggies?
  • When I steam the veggies I add the water from that to the blender to mix. When I defrost to serve I sometimes add Breast milk depending on thickness.
  • Right now, yes. Eventually I won't but not for a while. Slowly working there.
  • Thank you! That helps:)
  • I've been making my own for about a month and I haven't been adding breat milk. Should I be?
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  • No, I only add BM if I need it a little more creamy when I serve it
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