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Is your 5 month old STTN?

Mine is not and I need some sanity so please tell me I'm not alone!

LO used to sleep fine but then the 4 month regression hit (lasted 4 weeks where he woke every 1 - 2 hours) and he's never really fully recovered.

Our schedule:

  • 8:00pm Bath
  • 8:30pm Bed
  • 11:00pm Wakes/Nurse back to sleep
  • 2:30am Wakes/Nurse back to sleep
  • 4:30 - 5am: Wakes/Nurse back to sleep
  • 7am: Up for the day

So I only get to sleep in 3 hour intervals :(

Is your 5 month old sleeping through the night???

Re: Is your 5 month old STTN?

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    This is us exactly.  Any advice would be helpful.
    DD1 was such a different sleeper we were 7-7 at this point. I need sleep!
  • Same boat, LO is 6 months and was up every 2.5 hours last night. We tried babywise sleep training, didn't work. Next will be pick up, put down. Fingers crossed!
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  • What's babywise sleep training? I was going to try wake to sleep and go in to stir him one hour before his usual wake up time.
  • Babywise is basically a CIO method, It's similar to Ferber but you let them cry for 15 mins then go in and soothe them for a minute but don't pick them up. It was working for about a week for me then LO got smart and decided he was not going for that anymore. I have been relaying on the pacifier to help him sleep which I hate doing!
  • Mine was waking up 4 or 5 times a night until a week and a half ago.  I let him cry for a few minutes one night, and then instead of feeding him, I put in a pacifier.  I repeated the pacifier everything he woke up that night (although I didn't let him cry again) all night.  I also have started feeding him a small bowl of oatmeal an hour or so before bedtime.  I'm not sure which is working, but he's been sleeping through the night pretty solidly for over a week.
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  • I'm always on mobile so I can't see tickers but my LO was on almost the exact same schedule until about 5 months and 1.5 weesk. He'll be 6 months on the 16th and just in the past five days he has started STTN again.One night I just didn't rush in at his 11pm wake up and he went back to sleep. Then the next night or so he skipped that wake up (he may wake and fuss but it's short). Same for the 2:30 after that. He still wakes at 4:20 or 4:40 about every few days. Some days he'll go back to sleep right away (5-10 minutes) but otherwise I feed him. At first I also did similar to the paci method and either gave him his Wubbanub or his little lamb and he cuddled it and went back to sleep. Now he kinda finds them on his own. But he was up around the clock prior. There is an end in sight!! I also have to be candid and say that DH did the MOTN feed for the first time last night and said LO wouldn't go back to sleep in the crib so put him back in the swing. So we aren't completely in the clear either.
  • My LO turns 6 month on the 19th! He's also been waking because he turns himself into the crib railing or wakes from pushing because he has gas. I'm glad there's light in sight! I really don't want to have to do the full CIO method!

  • I follow Dr. Marc Weissbluth's method from Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child and love the results. It's definitely not for the faint of heart but the book contains so much good information and deals head-on with the thoughts and emotions that a mother goes through when letting the baby CIO in the extinction method which is basically to let your baby cry through the night without picking them up or soothing them at all. My husband was great at encouraging me to stand strong but again, it is not easy. My thoughts and emotions were by far my greatest test and were difficult to navigate but the book is full of trusted science and testimonies from parents going through the same exact thing and in many cases having a harder time than me. Dr. Weissbluth has 4 kids himself and used his method on his kids who were all great sleepers as a result. In short, his book is a godsend and I use it everytime my DD (colic her first 3 months) has a regression due to maturing biological rythyms, cognitive leaps, growth spurts, etc. b/c some babies will have sleep regression cycles throughout their first year, first few years, etc. (every child is different) but with the Weissbluth method, you can have a baby who sleeps through the night and wakes up happy. I highly recommend it. Good luck!
  • We struggled through this as well until I started dd on solids at 5.5 months. I give her a quarter cup of something every night at about 7:30. It is either avocado, sweet potato or peas all pureed. Her poops stink to high heaven now but she does sleep through the night. 

    Her pedi told me at the 6 mo visit that it was time to feed her solids 3x a day. Keep in mind though, that due to my medical issues I formula feed so that might be why so many solids are recommended to us.
  • For the moms with ebf 5-6 month olds do you think they are hungry? We are on exactly the same wake up cycle but I feel like he's only getting maybe 4oz or so while nursing (this is about what I pump). I am hesitant to ignore him for fear he's hungry and the fact that he fusses for hours and doesn't go back down so I break. I nurse each wake up. We also do purée and oatmeal 2x a day.
  • I EBF my almost 6 month old and feed her every time she wakes for the most part. She is up every 2-3 hours. It's torture, but sometimes she seems ravenous. We are doing baby led weaning so she doesn't actually get any solids yet. I learned from breastfeeding group that all breast fed babies take between 2 to 4 ounces at every feeding. So that's normal.
  • Well I was initially worried about this but my LO stock piles from about 6 - 8pm. When I let him self soothe he eventually goes right back to sleep and wakes up happy so I feel like if he were still hungry he wouldn't wake at 8am and coo In the crib for 20 minutes. But I could be wrong! When his cry is different at 4am I feed him, especially if he didn't eat as much between 6-8pm as usual.
  • That was my LO but we have also been doing the baby wise method and it has worked wonders for us! Also we have started giving LO solids for lunch and dinner in addition to breast milk :) now he has a nice full belly and sleeps all night. Good luck
  • If your baby is being nursed to sleep then that very well may be your problem.  Your baby has to learn to be able to fall asleep on their own otherwise when they naturally awaken during the night they will cry for the scenario that put them to sleep to start with to be repeated.  I read the book by Ferber solve your childs sleep problems- it was great and very insightful.  Here's a blog post that explains sleep associations very well, read all 3 parts,
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