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What do you use to "babysit"?

I went through a mild panic after noticing my 3 month old baby's flat head.  So I've been carrying her a lot more and doing more tummy time.  But there are times when I have to take a shower, cook dinner, eat, etc.  Where do you put your baby while you're doing these things if you are home alone with your baby?  I would rather not leave my baby in something that will be worsening his flat spots.

Re: What do you use to "babysit"?

  • I don't leave her but I sometimes sit her in the corner if the couch. Would be helpful to allow you to eat lunch. I don't do it for long since the sitting position isn't the best before they are ready.

    The bumbo may be helpful if there's good head control.

    Maybe you could just do more tummy time and then use a bouncer for showering and cooking?
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  • Crib while showering since is seems the safest as he cant fall out and I can hear but not see him. When trying to get stuff done around the house I use the swing/RNP in the room I'm in or a baby carrier - I like the ktan and Mai tai and DH likes the ergo if I'm going to be all over the house.
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  • My little girl is loving her bumbo seat. I think we started using that around 10 weeks. I agree with the tummy time. My Playmat came with a pillow for that. I also bought a water mat for tummy time which will entertain her for a while too. The best thing I've found is a sunny stroll play arch. You can attach it to anything to keep them busy! Here's a video of it in use
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