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Did your breech baby flip?

I'm in my 27th week with di/di twin boys. Baby A is currently breech, and Baby B is upside down and transverse.

My OB will do a vaginal delivery as long as A is head down, and I'm hoping for this. I've read it's not uncommon for babies to be breech at this stage, but I'm thinking with limited space, it'll be harder for them to really change position.

Just curious if any of you experienced this and had Baby A spin around. Thanks!

Re: Did your breech baby flip?

  • My baby a was head down and b floated between breech and transverse. They did an ultrasound to check position of mine when my water broke at 35.5 weeks. Unfortunately mine never turned and I had to have a csection bc b was transverse but spine down.
  • My di/di boys were both footling breech from 19 weeks on - they never turned. I did try chiropractor care - the Webster method but no luck!
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  • Baby a was always head down but baby b was breech until she turned head down around 30 weeks.
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  • Thanks for sharing, ladies. I'm hoping A will flip in the coming weeks. My doc said she will deliver vaginally, as long as A flips and babies are still similar in size (right now, they are 1oz apart).
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    My di/di boys were both head down at my final US at 36 weeks. I went into labor at 38w5d and delivered baby A vaginally (no epidural!) without any trouble. After that, baby B flipped around and straddled my cervix, refusing to come out! Two and a half hours later, I ended up having to have a c-section for B. 

    So, sometimes it doesn't even matter if they're perfectly positioned for a vaginal delivery... there's still the potential for a double whammy. (PS, I was so terrified of having a double whammy delivery, but it wasn't as god-awful as I feared. It was hard, but everything went fine.)
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  • A was breech from day one and came out that way. He's my chill baby, figures ;)
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  • @spoonleg, that's my fear, too - the double whammy. Glad to hear it wasn't as bad as you feared as you got through it!!
  • My babies didn't switch position from about 24 weeks on.  Baby A was vertex but Baby B stayed breech.

    D & L are here at 34 weeks 4 days by vaginal and breech delivery on 11/19/2013
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    My girl flipped almost every other week all the way up to 35 weeks. Don't know how she found the space, but she did. I ended up with c section for other reasons.
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  • My baby A was head down since the 19wk US, baby B was transverse head to my left side, then 2wks later transverse w head to my right side & at 31wks was head down on my left side right next to baby A. I don't know how it found the space to flip but I hope they stay that way.
  • My breech baby A flipped at 29 weeks! I'm still having a c section tho bc after delivering one baby the other can flip causing a double whammy delivery. :/
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  • Ditto the previous-- my B flipped around all the dang time. They were both head down at 36w5d, I went in at 37.1 and she was breech again. 
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  • Once my baby A flipped breach, he did not turn. He was head down until about 22-24 weeks (I can't remember exactly). But he flipped and started to engage in my pelvis quite quickly. He was also my HUGE baby. He was born weight 8lbs 6.6 ounces. Baby B was smaller and flipping all the time. He was breech position at my planned c/s, but he was more than 3 lbs smaller at 5 lbs 3 ounces. Had baby A been head first delivering baby b breach would have been a breeze since A was so huge. But A got stuck in my pelvis pretty early on.
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  • Thank you for sharing! I guess I'll wait and see what the coming weeks bring. There has been a lot of movement lately. Sometimes I think they are wrestling!!
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