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Anyone deliver in a skirt?

I'm a surrogate and the parents will be in the delivery room so modesty is key (this is my 4th pg and 2nd surrogacy so I've BTDT and trust me, I DO care in the moment).  I'm considering Hypnobabies and the hospital I'll be delivering at has beautifully huge labor tubs.  I'm planning on getting a tankini to have a swim top but I'll need something to keep the bottom half of me more covered but obviously the tankini bottoms won't be worn during delivery so I was considering a delivery skirt.  I tried google but only found 2 brands and I figured there had to be more out there.  Did you deliver in a skirt (which one) or do you have any other ideas?

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Re: Anyone deliver in a skirt?

  • I packed an old cotton skirt from old navy and a swim skirt that I had in case I get in and out of the tub. I found a few options on ebay but decided to just save the cash and go through my closet.
  • Cotton skirt from old navy
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  • I wore a stretchy cotton maxi skirt from Suzy shier, mind you it was definitely pulled up for delivery

  • I just bought a cotton skirt from Old Navy yesterday. It will only be us, 2 midwives, and a doula at the birth but still I wanted something extra just in case I feel uncomfortable. Pairing it with a nursing tank. 
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  • In the birth books I'm reading, everybody is just NAKED! haha! I'm not thinking that's something I'd be comfortable with... But who knows? Maybe a bra and a robe for moving from bed to chair to toilet to tub and back? Maybe a few of these long tank/camisole things I love from H&M?
    By the way, I'm so impressed that you're serving as a surrogate! What an incredible blessing for those new parents! You rock!
  • Just cut out the crotch of the tankini.
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  • Wait I was assuming the tankini had swim skirt. Duh ignore me!
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    I may have friends present at my birth and was thinking along the same lines. I've looked into all kinds if options and was considering a sarong? I won't know if it will work or be what I want until I am bigger (only 15w here) but I plan on trying on a few different wraps and seeing if it looks like it might work.

    Just something to consider...

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  • I wore a Pretty Pushers L&D gown twice.  I specifically wanted something haltertop because i have a thing about having to have my armpits totally unencumbered when things are intense but i just didn't want to be naked.  I LOVED it and the hospital staff loved it too.  Got lots of comments on it both times - they liked the accessibility it provided and how it didn't have as much extra material as the hospital gowns.  For my first birth I needed a fetal monitor on 75% of the time and the gown made it super easy.  I didn't take it entirely off until i was in recovery (slipped top over my neck and was ready for skin to skin).

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  • I wore a knee-length cotton skirt for both of my births.  Will do it again next time.  
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