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Working up to due date

I am a teacher so school ends for me on June 25. I'm considering teaching summer school which goes from July 4-31. It's only mornings and would give us a large chunk of change before the baby comes! With my due date being August 6, I'm worried if I go early I might not be able to finish school and/or I might be uncomfortable at the end! Any teachers out there considering summer school? I know we're already spoiled by getting the summer off and most people work up til their due date but I wanted to get everyone's opinion! Also to all the moms out there- with your first did you go early, on time or late? Thanks!

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  • You're a FTM, correct? I was the FTM that just knew I would go early.....NOPE.

    I worked up until the week before my due date and still didn't deliver my son until the week after. It's very common for FTM's to go over their due date. This go around I plan to work until a couple days before my due date.
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    I went 5 days late with my first and worked right up until I went into labor.
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  • Yes, I am a FTM. Thanks for the advice!
  • We don't have summer school in my district. I am due August 8. We go back to school the week before and I plan to go back and work up until it's time to deliver. We'll see though how it all pans out.
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    Stats I've seen are that the average first time mom goes into labor at 41 weeks, 1 day. I was 3 days early with my first, 6 days over with my second. Basically you just never know :) Something like 90% of women deliver within a week of their due date though so you'd most likely be okay working til the 31st.
  • My first came 10 days early!!!! I was shocked when I went into labor, I was not expecting it to happen yet. I wasn't working at the time so that was good, but plan on working up until was this baby.
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  • I'm not a teach specifically, but I do work in a University. I am planning on being gone as of July 17 (my due date is August 15). Part of this is because I have to take my vacation time prior to my Maternity Leave benefits starting which will be two weeks. I will be off for a year and want to be back at least a month before my students are back at the beginning of September, so my plan is for my maternity leave to run August 1- July 31.

    That being said, depending on where you live, what grades you teach, etc will also come into play. I wouldn't want to be running around after young kids in super hot weather right up until my due date. If you live somewhere a little more temperate with air conditioning and teach a subject that you can sit  and still teach you'll probably be okay comfort wise. 

    As far as when you deliver, that isn't something you can control. Depending on the size of you and the size of baby, and a million other factors, you can safely deliver anytime between 36-42 weeks without too much concern. I think it will be best to have a contingency plan (ie. someone who is willing to sub for you if need be) in the event that you do go into labour early. I would think that if you normally had the opportunity to teach summer school, there isn't anything the school could do to tell you no.
  • With my first I went into labor on my due date (I told them I hate to be late for an appointment). My due date was a Friday and I worked the day before - I just called my boss on Friday and told him I thought the baby was coming and odds were I would not be back on Monday. I ended up delivering early Saturday morning. If I were you, since it sounds like you want to work, I would just talk to my boss about a game plan just in case baby decides to come early. Odds are baby won't, but then you will have the peace of mind of knowing that there is a plan in place just in case.

  • Thanks ladies- I think I will try it and talk to my boss. If my pregnancy seems to get more difficult as the year progresses or if I feel unable to do it, I can always back out. There is also an option to be a sub for summer school, which I may consider as well since I hear they need subs a few times/week (this is my first year in the district).
  • I'm in the exact same situation! But due the 5th. I'm gonna apply and hope I don't go before the 23rd our last day but it could shift because we had so many snow cold days. My co worker had her first 6 weeks early. You never know!
  • It's so hard to time things right!!
  • I'm a teacher too. DS was born January 27, 2010. My last day at work was jan 28. I didn't have any problems working right up to my due date.
  • With DS I did not do summer school, but the first day of classes was aug 12. I was due aug 14. I spent one hour with my new class before I went into labor. DS was born that evening. I wish I had just stayed home... It was extremely trying to even just finish pre-planning.

    This time I'm taking the year off for sure :). So I don't have to worry about that happening again.

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  • I went into labor with my first on my way home from work when I was 11 days late. I plan on working up to the end this time too. I am on light duty in my work area now (wasn't before but I had a desk job). If I was running around after kids I don't know if I could have gotten that far. I was swollen and tired lol!
  • dkizz82 said:

    We don't have summer school in my district. I am due August 8. We go back to school the week before and I plan to go back and work up until it's time to deliver. We'll see though how it all pans out.

    DS was born 2 days before the start of school so I didn't return.
    DD was due the 18th (2 weeks after the start of school) so I returned for the week of in-service and first week of school although I did have to leave early that Friday, the day before my DD, due to poor labs (I had HBP and protein in my urine and had been doing weekly bloodwork and 24-hour urine catch--even at school--since 32 weeks, my protein jumped 1000 mg so we decided to induce).
    I'm not due until the 22nd this time so I'm hoping to be there for in-service and the first 2 weeks of school.

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  • I am planning to work until I cant. Not a teacher but I am extremely petite (4'9 and was barely 100 pounds when I got pregnant) my mom had me a month early and my brother 6 weeks early. I honestly don't expect to make it to Aug 15th. Good luck if you can work!
  • Most FTM are late... If you need the money or something to do to keep your mind busy.... I'd do it. With DS1 He was due end of June.. School ended the last week of May. Every day I would sit around wondering if today was going to be the day. With DS2, He was due end of March. He was born the dAy before his due date and I literally worked all day in labor.... Obviously not intense labor. I preferred the second scenario!

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  • I quit work at 36wks with my first and she didn't come until 9 days past her EDD. I wish I would have worked until 39wks but there is no way to see the future.

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  • My first came 11 days early, but I went into labor 14 days early. I actually was sent home from school. My second came a week late and all I did was complain about not working because I was so bored at home waiting for baby to come.

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  • I think I'll be bored if i don't do something too! Last summer I had no kids and didn't work (did just move into a new house so lots of unpacking) and literally woke up every day wondering what I was going to do. My husband hated me for complaining! But I didn't have the option to work summer school and nothing else seemed to make significant money. It's great to hear everyone's stories.
  • You're a FTM, correct? I was the FTM that just knew I would go early.....NOPE.

    I worked up until the week before my due date and still didn't deliver my son until the week after. It's very common for FTM's to go over their due date. This go around I plan to work until a couple days before my due date.

    haha this was me- I was convinced I was just too large that there was no way I would make it past 38 weeks- nope, went into labor the night before my induction 41.3 weeks!

    I plan on working up until a few days before due date as well

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  • Like a previous poster said, it may depend on what ages your teaching and how physical your teaching job is.  I would probably take the summer teaching gig.  It sounds like the extra money will be really helpful.  Just be honest with your boss about the possibility of missing the last week or so, and then make a plan for how your class will be covered in the event that you go into labor early.  In the end, our best plans are only that plans.  A good (and law following) boss will work with you to plan for coverage in the event that you need to miss time.

    I too plan to work right up until I go into labor.  I've heard a lot of mothers tell me that they took two or three weeks off before their due date, and then ended up being bored at home, or going stir-crazy in anticipation.  Sometimes work gives us a good distraction.
  • Fellow teacher here. With my first one I worked on the day I gave birth. I had no discomfort and was just fine. I did go early (10 days earl actually). This time around I'm planning on doing summer school, but I'm due after summer school ends so I guess I technically wont be working up til my due date, but I wouldn't hesitate to do it again. 
  • I had to be induced 3 days late.  I worked up until my due date just fine.  I wouldn't have stopped unless I had to since I would have been just sitting around, staring at the clock.  




  • With DD I worked up until 4 days before. I would have worked the whole time but my doc put me on bed rest because of swelling and blood pressure (i had a high stress job). I actually enjoyed having a few days off before baby came so I could kind of mentally prepare and decompress from work stress.
  • my first child was due June 13 so I made the last day of may my last day at work..he was born June 1st. My second was 5 weeks early and I went into labor at work. This time around, I plan to work until either baby comes or my doctor tells me I have to stop.
  • My first I was done working 2 weeks before due date and he was a week and a half late. My second I was scheduled to work the day they decided to induce me at 1 weeks late. This time around I plan on working until the baby is born! I hated being home and just waiting for baby.
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  • I am surgeon and plan on working /operating right up to my due date. But I won't be taking call (24-48 hour shifts) or doing cases that should last more than 3 hours for the last month. I know some days I will be tired and uncomfortable and I will need support stockings and foot rubs and a cadre of things I haven't even thought of yet, but I really want to maximize my time off after baby.
  • Im working right up until my due date as well
  • I'm not a teacher, but wanted to chime in. With my first, my plan was to work up un my due date. I apparently went to work on a Monday, went into labor (unbeknownst to me) saw patients the entire day, went home to let my ob office know that I spotted a dab of blood and was uncomfortable, went to triage, and had my son later that evening! He came a whole week early :)
  • I'm a speech language pathologist in the school setting. I'm due August 13 ... Right smack in the middle of inservice week. I also work 15 days spread out over the summer. I plan to work as long as I can and even attend inservice if I can. I want to keep getting paid as long as I possibly can. I'll just take it one day at a time and see how it goes.


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  • I'm a teacher due August 27th and I really look toward to working up to my date. If I'm up and moving around I will be distracted from the symptoms and will keep the baby healthier than if I stayed at home and read or relaxed all day. Not to mention, being around children will make me that much more excited, if not prepared, for my first baby!
  • I was a school counselor when I was pregnant with my son and went two weeks early (he was my first). I did work up to that day though and felt great!
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  • I'm a special Ed preschool teacher and worked the day I went into labor with my first. (2 weeks before my due date) I actually went home sick that day I went into labor because I just didn't feel right.
    This time I'm due Aug 29th in the middle of in- service week. I'm debating working summer school in July just to save some extra money so that I can take some unpaid leave to extend my 6 weeks of paid maternity leave. And I'll work as much of in- service week as I can, assuming this baby doesn't come early.
  • I'm in a similar situation as well. I'm a teacher and last year I directed a summer program. I decided to give up the summer program this year, especially since my school doesn't have AC.

    I'm due on August 22 and school starts August 11. I am having twins, and my doc said it's likely I'll go 2-3 weeks early. It's hard trying to decide what to do. Good luck!!
  • Thanks! It is a difficult decision but it's great to hear everyone's past experiences.
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