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Calling all STMs: Were your gender dreams accurate?

I just had a very vivid dream that I'm having a boy, and we can't find out until 20 weeks.  Did you have gender dreams and were they accurate?


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Re: Calling all STMs: Were your gender dreams accurate?

  • Not at all. haha! I dreamed time and time again that my first was a girl, and then he was a boy! We were thrilled because we always wanted a boy...but man we were surprised! We had ourselves absolutely convinced that there was a girl in there.
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  • Mine were, but my gut feeling also was trur...
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  • Yes. I had two dreams early on in my pregnancy that I was having a boy and I did.
  • I was wondering the same thing this morning. I only think about the baby being a girl but every single dream has been about a boy. Last night I even dreamed we were actually at the appointment and the doctor said congrats it's a boy! We both are "hoping"for a girl because on my side of the family there are 5 grandsons (no girls) but I'm wondering if this is God's way of preparing me for a boy. I will be thrilled with a healthy, happy baby no matter what but it's amazing how you can set your mind on something!
  • My dreams were correct with both my daughter & son! I have yet to have any with #3 & I'm almost 14wks, it's driving me crazy! Lol
  • Dreamed of a girl with my first and had a girl. Dreaming of a girl again, we will find out in 5 weeks.
  • Yep! I had a dream I was having a girl with curly curly hair and I had my daughter and she has curly curly hair lol. And the night before I took my HPT this time around I had a dream I took a HPT & it came out positive. The same night I had a second dream back to back that I took a HPT & it came out positive. Then the last dream I had before I woke up that same night, I was at my US & the doctor said," it's a girl!" I woke up so fast (430 am). Took two HPT & both were positive. My dreams have all been right so far while pregnant. Last pregnancy and this one. Hopefully we do have another girl!
  • No and yes! Had a dream with #1 I was having a boy, but it was a girl. And this time dreamt girl and I was right!
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    I had a dream about my third daughter. I even called her by her name in the dream. I knew she'd have storkbites before she was born (she's my only baby with birthmarks). She looked like she did in my dream.
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  • I had the BFP dream too the night before I got mine! I had a dream I had a little boy so we will see.. :)

  • I had dreams about both of my boys and they were accurate. The dream I had about my younger son was so vivid that I knew what he was going to look like when he was born.
  • I'm 0/3 haha I have guessed wrong all 3 times despite multiple dreams about a certain gender lol I am curious this time around- I had a super vivid dream that I was pregnant and delivered a boy. It was so creepy vivid it was actually why I took a pregnancy test despite knowing we had used protection, were actively preventing due to poor health (in myself) and lo and behold- my dream was spot on! Took the positive test the next day...I'll be curious if I'll break my streak of guessing wrong this time around :-)
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  • How interesting! I wish you all health and happiness in your pregnancies! Sweet dreams :) 


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  • Hey everyone! I have had a gut feeling this whole pregnancy that I'm having a girl. My MIL strongly believes girl, my mom a dream of a girl, Chinese gender & mayan calendar both say girl, & my best friend thinks girl! Anyway I have a 5 year old boy with my SO and he also has another son from a previous relationship so he keeps saying BOY. I had a dream last night, first dream about the baby, and I found out in my dream via ultrasound baby is a boy... I'm not sure what to think! I go on Monday and I'm really curious if my intuition is going to be right!
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