Just moved to Charleston, SC on military orders. And I just found out I'm pregnant:) — The Bump
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Just moved to Charleston, SC on military orders. And I just found out I'm pregnant:)

Hello, My names Ciera. My hubby and I just moved here on orders. Been here about a month and I found out I'm pregnant:) I'd really like to get to know some other mommys to be in this area. This will be our first baby. So it's all so new!


  • Welcome!
    I love it here! Most if the time ;)

    It is a great place for little ones. I live in Mt Pleasant and we always have something to do!
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  • Congrats! I'm stationed here and just found I am too :) When is your due date? 
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  • If you get Dr Huggins as your OB switch immediately.

  • Welcome! You will love it here. This is our first baby as well. Congrats!
  • Hi, I am also fairly new to the Mount Pleasant area (moved here in January) and just found out that I am pregnant. I am 7 weeks with our first child and am about to burst with excitement and needing to tell someone other than immediate family members haha. So I would also like to meet other moms in the charleston/MP area. Congrats on your pregnancies ladies!
  • Hello! We are here too on orders, we live in Hanahan...welcome to the area and congrats on the LO! :) This is our first baby as well...
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  • Hi and congratulations. Just moved here too a little over a year ago. Our first baby is due in October
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  • I'm about to move to Charleston in a few months, my fiance is stationed there. ^_^ We're first time parents too. We're currently looking at rentals in the Summerville/Hanahan/Goose Creek area. 
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     DD #1 born 8/3/2015
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    I just moved here for my own military orders and I have a two year old. Congratulations to all of the new mommies! I enjoyed my pregnancy!

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