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Is it normal to lose weight at first?

ive lost 4 pounds in three days....I'm freaking out ...I'm 14/4 weeks/days :(

Re: Is it normal to lose weight at first?

  • I'm 17 weeks and while I haven't lost I haven't gained either. My doctor said I had good growth And the baby had a healthy heartbeat so he wasn't concerned.
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    I'm 16 weeks and 10 lbs down from pre pregnancy so far. Morning sickness is just now starting to ease up. Until Monday, I was vomiting after every meal. My baby is measuring 2 days ahead and is very active.
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  • If you lost several pounds in several days it is likely water weight, which is nothing to worry about.
    I am 17/1 and have lost a total of 20+lbs since 4weeks. Neither of my OBs has been worried. They said it's alright as long as I take my Prenatals every day.

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    From the time I found out I was pregnant, until about 13 weeks, I lost about 8 pounds. Since then, I've gained about 4 back and I'm almost 18 weeks. The doctor agreed that it was normal bc I was so sick and had no appetite.
  • I lost 6 pounds in my first 3 months and my doctor wasn't concerned at all. Now at 17 weeks, I have gained 5 all together so far from the start of my pregnancy.

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  • I'm 14 weeks and I lost 12 pounds about a month ago and haven't gained any of it back yet. The baby has looked healthy and gaining size in the US so my doctor hasn't been concerned. I'm eating healthier, smaller portions, more often throughout the day. I think those are the driving factors.
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