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Midwives who tolerate some risk

I am desperate to find a midwife who is willing to help me as a slightly at risk mom. I have whitecoat hypertension and take a small daily dose of NSAIDS (so I can walk) which evidently puts me just beyond what some midwives are comfortable with. Does anyone have any recommendations for a midwife who might consider handling my pregnancy and birth?

Re: Midwives who tolerate some risk

  • Not the hospital. Whitecoat hypertension means that my bp shoots up the moment I walk in. So basically, the doctor would start screaming that I'm about to stroke out, and immediatey c-section me. Most doctors, in my experience, while, they believe in whitecoat hypertension in a theoretical way, always assume that THEY personally could never cause a patient's BP to shoot up, so they will not listen to you telling them what is actually happen.

    I was hoping to use a midwife-only birth center, but one has rejected me out of the gate and it looks like the second one is about to dump me at 21-22 weeks. So if that's out, I guess a home birth. At least I could birth in the tub which is what I am really looking for due to a bad back.
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  • What birthing centers have you tried? I'm using Puget sound midwives and birth center. They seem awesome thus far but i dont know if thats one who rulled you out already.
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