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life factory glass baby bottles

Are they any good ? Found 24 for $150 6oz and 9oz anyone use these ?

Re: life factory glass baby bottles

  • I love them!
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  • I love them too! They are so easy to clean. I hand wash the nipples and put the bottle in the dishwasher. Although, I will say, for formula feeding, the only thing I have a problem with is that the scoop for the formula is the same size as the top. We us a small  funnel to help. Also, a plus is that the bottles attach to my Medela pump. Easy pumping and storage!
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  • I would not buy so many at one time unless you have already tried them... apparently babies like different kinds of bottles and you don't know until you test them... 
  • We LOVED them- Going to pick up a couple more this time around...
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  • I have the adult sized one, and it prompted me to put the baby bottles right on my registry! I hope I get tons! 

    They also transition into toddler sippy cups! You just have to buy the toddler toppers from LifeFactory :)
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