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sibling for amelia

We're polish, so we want a name that's acceptable in poland - not necessarily a polish name but one with polish letters and pronounciation (no x's or v's)
Our first is Amelia Maria
A girl will share the Maria middle name because of tradition, unless its a boy. Then he'll be Maksymilian Piotr or Leopold Piotr. But i have NO idea for a little girl's first name!?! Please help

Re: sibling for amelia

  • My SIL is Polish and she named her Mila Antonina.
  • Alice Maria
    Bridget Maria
    Caroline Maria
    Christina Maria
    Grace Maria
    Isabel Maria
    Josephine Maria
    Natalie Maria
    Ruby Maria
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  • May I suggest just Maksym Piotr

    Petra Maria
    Edyta Maria
    Adriana Maria
    Blanka Maria
    Bianka Maria
    Sabina Maria
    Karina Maria
    Helena Maria
  • ^^ really like Bianka & Mila

    Helena Maria
    Joanna Maria
    Emilia Maria
    Gabriela Maria
    Gloria Maria
    Hanna Maria
    Julia Maria
    Karolina Maria
    Lena Maria
    Natalia Maria
    Nina Maria
    Paula Maria
    Renata Maria
    Sara Maria

  • Thanks guys,

    I'm really liking Alice (Alicja), Edyta and Gabriela for first names. Can't wait to pitch to hubby :)

    Maksym is a great boys name but I don't like the 2-2 syllable first and last name...
  • I've always loved the polish name Anetta.
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