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Poop and solids

quick question for you moms, since my PED is useless to ask cause we aren't on the same page.

Been giving my LO Happy Bellies oatmeal (organic) for a week now, it has 90%iron. I wasn't giving him any oatmeal or rice cereal because the rice cereal constipated him. But when I went to PED last week for 6 month check she insisted he has something with the iron. I give him a tablespoon with fruit in morning and a tablespoon with veggies at night. For the past couple days he poops like a play dough consistency poop. He acts like he is really pushing too (but he has always made grunting sounds when pooping).

Anyways, I have read and talked to moms about how they just skipped this oatmeal/rice cereal stuff but I just don't know what to do. I have also read the importance of iron after 6 months.

What do you moms do or recommend? Should I maybe stick with it and add a little prunes every day?

Thanks !

Re: Poop and solids

  • I'm actually gonna start oatmeal today and was thinking of grinding oats and adding breastmilk and adding pears.

    Still researching the homemade recipes and if that didn't work out, I was thinking of going for Beechnut Oatmeal. Have you heard of it?
  • We use the oatmeal (same brand) but do a base of fruit then I add a tablespoon of the dry cereal snd stir. It is getting him use to a thicker consistency but no constipation issues. The cereal us mostly for practice from what I have read so feel free to skip! Prunes do work wonders though! Oh, and even when we weren't doing solids our guy always looks like he's pushing hard. He has a "poop face" that always lets me know!
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  • Ok now my mom just told me that he cried trying to poop :( that just breaks my heart. I'm going to stop for a bit and let him rest then re introduce it with some homemade oatmeal so it is less iron but still getting a little.

    I haven't heard of beechnut but I'll look into it.

    I'm going to mix in prunes for a couple days too. I deal with constipation issues so I hate seeing him go through this.

    Thank you for all the help so far.
  • Have you thought about iron supplement? You can get a liquid form that you add to foods.


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  • I understand that iron is necessary but how much is necessary. I BF so he's getting some from me and he eats veggies that have some, so how much does he actually need?

    Gave him some prunes for dinner....I wonder when the poop will come?!?! Could be a messy night :(
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    Hopefully it waited till morning!
  • Haha. Well he hasn't had a blow out but he has gotten more out and it seems to be softening up a little. Gave him some more prunes and pears today. Stopping store bought oatmeal with added iron until I can find a nice balance.
  • I saw a paediatric dietician with my LO and she said that iron fortified cereals are unnecessary as long as baby is getting two servings of iron rich foods like meat, beans etc per day. DS is having two meals a day so if breakfast dorsnt have any iron in it I'll mix some cereal powder with his yogurt. I feel better knowing he's getting the iron without making a whole meal of it.

    Also, his poops have changed considerably and are much thicker now. I notice him having to push them out instead of them just sort of exploding out of him but it doesn't seem to be causing any pain or difficulty.
  • Thank you!! I have decided to give just a little of the baby cereal and make my own cereal too. I think I was giving him too much iron. Since I just started solids a couple weeks ago I'm not doing meat yet but iron rich veggies. Plus BM :) such a balancing game.
  • I made my own rice cereal and pear purée. I'm giving my little dude a smaller amount also. He keeps getting a diaper rash with the new textured poops even though I change him as soon as he is done. It didn't happen with sweet potato or bananas. But did with pears and avocados (both green fruits...coincidence?)
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