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Baby Girl: Tessa vs Zoe

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What do you think of the name Tessa nn Tess for a girl? I'm not the biggest fan of Teresa but I do like Tessa. Just not sure if my dh will go for it. Right now our number one name is Zoe Ann but I'm afraid it is just way too trendy right now, although I only know one other Zoe, she is 6. I've just always like the sound and uniqueness of Zoe until it started jumping up the charts!

Baby Girl: Tessa vs Zoe 74 votes

Tessa Ann
33% 25 votes
Tessa Lynn
36% 27 votes
Zoe Ann
22% 17 votes
NMS - Suggest another name
6% 5 votes

Re: Baby Girl: Tessa vs Zoe

  • I don't think Tessa is substantial enough for a full name. I do like Zoe.
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  • I voted for Tessa Lynn, because I think it flows nicely. So sick of Zoe, it's just too trendy for my taste and not feminine enough.
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  • Of the two you have I'd say Zoe, but IMO Zoe Lynn sounds better than Zoe Ann
  • I'm not a big fan of either, but I'll give the edge to Zoe. Zoe Lynn sounds better
  • I love the name Tessa. I like Tessa Lynn the best
  • I like Zoe, but the middle names Lynn and Ann are so common I would go with something else.

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  • Tessa is okay, but I like Zoe better.

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    Zoe, no Anne
  • I voted for Tessa Lynn because of the names listed it flows the nicest and it is cute! I do like Zoe and but would choose a different middle name. Zoe is very trendy (in a good way) and Ann is an older name, so it sounds kinda weird.
  • I like just Tess, not a fan of Tessa and I prefer Zoey to Zoe. Tess is on our list also.
  • Tessa Nicole or Tessa Laine
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