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Gender difference for diapers?

I have been told that Huggies are better for boys and Pampers for girls. Can anyone validate or refute this claim? We are having a boy, and I registered for Pampers...

Re: Gender difference for diapers?

  • I've used both Huggies and pampers for both my boys whichever was available when I went to buy and what was on sale ! Lol. I don't see any difference between the two
  • Huggies were horrible for my son. He would have horrible blow outs in those. I felt like they never held anything! We only used pampers after that.
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  • I have 2 boys have only ever used Up&Up and Pampers without any issues. However, I'll be CDing this baby.
  • When I did use disposables I used Luvs for both my boys. This time around I bought a pack of honest diapers to have as a back up to cloth, for baby sitters, travel, etc
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  • My son peed out of every pair of Huggies I ever put on him. He lives in Pampers. Luvs worked well also (and were cheaper) when he was younger. We will stick with Pampers/Luvs when our girl gets here.
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  • I like pampers and I have a boy.
  • I've always been told the opposite, we tried Huggies when my son was first born and every diaper he blew out.. So we made the switch to pampers and never looked back.
  • I didn't like huggies for my son, pampers worked well. I actually preferred Parents choice the walmart brand when he was little. And the Stater brothers brand now that he is in the bigger size. Really affordable and have never had any leaks.
  • 2 boys and I used pampers with both.

    What I find is Huggies fit babies that have a bit more chunk to them, both my boys were skinny with no fat anywhere and huggies just didnt fit them at all.
  • I have a boy and preferred pampers over huggies. Huggies leaked. My friend has a girl and loved huggies, and pampers didn't work for her. You'll just have to try them both. Don't register for too many in case they don't work.
  • Thanks everyone! I am going to stick with the pampers. Seems like the right choice!
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    I have a boy and we have tried everything. We are a strictly pampers family. Their sensitive wipes are amazing. Also we use swaddlers or cruisers. Personally I don't believe the chunky thing with Huggies, it definitely didn't hold true for us.My little boy was a big guy and had chunky legs and thighs and pampers were the only ones that didn't leak with him.
  • FTM here but I've been told that longer and leaner babies fit better in pampers and the shorter and cubbier babies fit better in Huggies. We registered for a few of both.
  • My long lean dd uses pampers and Luvs. Huggies are horrible for her and seem better for chubby legs.

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    For DS I use pampers. I liked luvs but dh didn't like the way they fit DS. He leaks a lot out of any store brand and almost needs changing twice as much than with pampers. I figured it is cheaper to go with pampers than buy twice as much in the store brand. I didn't like Huggies at all. They leaked almost right away.

    Edit: DH just reminded me. Huggies turned DS's but and front red. Like he was allergic.

  • My son had rashes from Pampers starting as a newborn. We went to Luvs and haven't looked back. May look into cheaper brands as he is in 6s now and it seems the cheaper ones go bigger. ;)
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  • My daughter had issues with pampers. They never fit her well so she'd pee around them. Luvs were great for her so im gonna try Luvs for our boy too once he's here





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  • For my son pampers and Up & Up is by far my favorite. I don't do their wipes though because they are thin and not as moist so I feel like I use twice as many as the huggies wipes.
  • I used pampers and luvs for my boys with this lo we will do the same. We didnt like huggies at all.
  • Don't stick to just one brand until after your baby tests them. Not all babies can feel fine in every brand of disposables. One of my friend's daughters actually would break out in hives with every brand of diapers except Luvs.
  • I work in an infant room in a day care and the pampers brand or up and up from target are the most popular among the parents here. Huggies are ok but i have seen more rashes and blowouts from them. Also i hate huggies brand wipes. Pampers sensitive wipes are the best (in my opinion).
    All that Being said, we are going to do cloth diapers

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  • Ya I would never use any diapers that have chlorine in them for a boy or girl. I Believe most of the popular brands do. I liked earths best with daughter or honest company, up and up from target also aren't too bad. You never know how your baby will react to all those chemicals and scents they add so I would get very few to begin with. My daughter had diaper rash maybe once in her 2 years in diapers and I equate that with using less harsh diapers/wipes. A lot of families I nannied or babysat for constantly had kids with rashes and they were in huggies or pampers. Just like grown ups some babies skin is far more sensitive than others.
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