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Baby not drinking

my 6 month old baby will not drink milk. I started him on solids a month ago and he slowly started not drinking his formula. I'm so stressed . He's loosing weight.his ped said to try n force him to have at least 24 ounces a day . Is this happening to anyone else??

Re: Baby not drinking

  • How often, when and how much do you offer? We give the bottle firts then wait 30-45 min before offering solids. Only offering solids two times a day and just a couple tablespoons at a time. This boy loves to eat though!
  • My DD refused to eat her formula and was not into solids so I called the dr and they had me switch formulas because she was crying and her tummy hurt. I had to switch to hypoallergenic formula and she is back to eating 24 oz a day and we are trying solids again starting this week.  


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  • Yea I agree with giving formula first and then you he small amount of solids. I'm lowering the amount of solids because the new texture of poop is giving him diaper rash. Especially with green fruits & veggies.
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