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Any Raleigh summer 2015 babies due?

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I am looking to meet other mommy to be's around the same time period. Any other summer 2015 babies due?

Re: Any Raleigh summer 2015 babies due?

  • I'm in Durham.  I'm due with baby #1 in May.
    Mama to a crazy toddler (J-5/28/15)
    EDD 5-3-18

  • I'm in North Raleigh.  Due with baby #1 on April 12
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  • So exciting!!!! I'm in Cary, feeling the need to find mommy's to be in the area! Meetup group anybody!!? :)

  • Hello, Im also in North Raleigh!!! This is my second child, due August 13 
  • I'm in NE raleigh with my first due August 30!
  • Downtown Raleigh due June 8!
  • North Raleigh - June 7th! 
  • Hi, I'm in Apex, but out by Jordan Lake, close to Cary... would love to meet up to do things!
    I'm due in Sept. 2015
  • I'm in North Raleigh, just moved here. Due August 11th :)
  • Would love to meet up, always looking to get out of the house!! :)

  • Wake Forest-Due May 14th with a little girl!!
  • I'm in Durham the due date calculator says I'm due Aug 28 but the doctor says Sept 1 because I'm a first time mom. 
  • I'm a little late to finding this board, but I'm a FTM due 8/6/15 living just south of Raleigh (Clayton). My husband was just transferred here for work 2 weeks ago and we don't know ANYONE in the area. I would love to meet some other moms-to-be!
  • I'm in cary, FTM, due August 28. Would love to meet some mommies as my husband is deployed and most of my friends are still hitting bars! Best of luck to all of you!
  • @seg6394 we should meet up for coffee or lunch soon! I don't know anyone in the area and would love to make some new friends who are also expecting! It's hard to make friends when you are no longer going out to bars!
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