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Bradley Method

Is anyone else planning to use the Bradley Method or used it before?

Re: Bradley Method

  • I was wondering the same, they say 90% of women who take Bradley go without pain meds, I have been trying to decide between Bradley and Lamaze so would love to hear some feedback from previous Bradley method moms
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  • Doing birthing from within this time. Wasn't bad but didn't prepare for complications really
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  • I did Bradley with my first. I reviewed the workbook with my second. I loved it. It helped me a lot during labor (home births, no drugs). I definitely recommend it if you want a non-medical, intervention-free birth.

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  • I'm planning on having the baby in the hospital, but I want it to be completely natural (no drugs, no interventions). I just signed up for the 12 week course. Our teacher said that she can consolidate some courses since my husband is in the military and will be gone for a whole month of classes. I plan to talk to my doctor at the next appointment and if I don't think she is really on board, I am prepared to start looking for another doctor. I just found out that my mom used the Bradley Method with me and my little brother. I was already looking into this method before she told me that!
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