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Achey bladder after urination ?

Okay so almost everytime after I urinate, my bladder feels almost similar to an achey feeling? It hurts a little to walk and goes away after I sit down for a little. Is this normal to experience at 14weeks? I know it's not anything linked to an uti and no stds!

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  • I had this too and do still sometimes, I found that if I Waited too long to pee that it would be quite uncomfortable afterwards. Maybe talk to your doctor, but my issue resolved itself once I started peeing as needed..
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  • I feel that way sometimes. I think it's when I wait too long to go. I did just get over a uti though so idk.
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  • I'm glad I'm not the only one! I have my next appt Wednesday so I'll check with my Dr but I think waiting too long may be my problem too.
  • Whenever I have this issue it's because I didn't use the restroom right away.
  • I had something similar. I told my OB and she decided to have my urine tested. Turns out I had a minor infection and needed antibiotics. I would call and ask if they can call in a lab slip for you just to be safe - UTI's are common, but if they go ignored or undetected they can become more dangerous. It may be nothing, but it is easy enough to pee in a cup amd find out for sure.

  • I've had the exact same problem since about 12 weeks, I'm 16 now and it still happens. I find it is almost always at night when I wait too long to use the bathroom.
  • I had the same problem and my doctor thought it was a uti. I did a urinalysis and it get back negative. However, they also did a swab that came back positive for a bacterial infection. I got put on antibiotics. I've also increased my water intake by two times. I pee way more but it seems to feel a tiny bit better. My doctor also said it could be the way baby is laying. More up against my bladdar.


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  • Same here, if I wait to long to pee I have an achy bladder for a little while after. I've tried to be more conscience of not letting it get to the point of "gotta go now" and pee more frequently to avoid the aches.
  • I have this too. Sometimes it hurts so much when I'm sleeping and I have to get up and pee. I can't speak for you, but in my case, definitely not a uti because my ob checks my urine every visit and I just had a visit this past Thursday .
  • gulimz said:

    I have this too. Sometimes it hurts so much when I'm sleeping and I have to get up and pee. I can't speak for you, but in my case, definitely not a uti because my ob checks my urine every visit and I just had a visit this past Thursday .

    I would just double check that this is one of the things that they look for. I thought the same thing, since I leave a urine sample at each appointment too, but she gave me a lab slip specifically to check for a UTI on my visit the other day because I told her I am having that sensation again (although for me, the only way I can describe it is it feels like the left side of me has to pee really bad and the right side doesn't - weird, I know....).

  • I honestly just got off the phone with the doctor, if you have been going pee a lot (aside from pregnancy) lol and it's almost a pressure after you empty your bladder then it might be a UTI .. You don't necessarily need to have the burning while you pee but if you do that's probably what it is .. I have the pressure after peeing no burn but my doctor called me in an antibiotic I have to get tonight.. It's really uncomfortable! I'm sorry your experiencing it!! Please let your doctor know it's more common with pregnancy and if it goes untreated can be harmful to the baby
  • I feel fine after I finally go but if I didn't I'd definitely call my doctor. No make sure not to wait anymore!
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