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Favorites List & Name Voting?

I've been absent for a few weeks and came back after this new redesign. What happened to the favorite names list and the voting section? Did that get removed? Or is it hiding somewhere and I just can't find it? Please let me know. 

I really hope it's still there because I loved saving my favorite names, submitting different lists and combinations for voting, and also voting on other member's lists. Thanks!
Vive Les Frasers
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Re: Favorites List & Name Voting?

  • There is a green bar at the top of this page and it says Baby Names. 
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  • Thank you. 

    Actually, the next step (after clicking on Baby Names in the green bar above) was to click on the 'Browse 1,000's of Baby Names' link... that takes you to the section where you can see your Favorite's list and the Voting Polls. Guess I just didn't do enough digging. Anyway, glad it's still there. 
    Vive Les Frasers
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