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Talk to me about logistics of baby wearing please - FTM

Hi everyone!  FTM from D14, and I need some help with baby-wearing logistics.  I'm from Chicago, which you may be aware is a bit chilly this time of year :)  I'd love to be able to grab baby for a quick shopping run without having to lug his carseat into the store.  I just can't figure out the logistics of keeping the baby & myself warm while I try and get him into the carrier, in a parking lot, while its freezing cold outside.   

All I can picture is me, outside without my coat, trying to get baby out of his coat and into the carrier, and then a frigid walk from the parking lot into the store.  Or I could just carry the baby in sans carrier, but once we're in the store I would need a spot to set the baby down for a second while I try and get  him out of his coat and the carrier on (which wouldn't work either). 

  We have a LilleBaby carrier, so its pretty easy to use, but I do still fumble with it a bit, so the whole process may take me a few minutes.  

Any tips or advice?  I can't be cooped up in the house until spring.  Baby is 1 month today!
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Re: Talk to me about logistics of baby wearing please - FTM

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    Your child shouldn't be wearing a big coat while strapped into a car seat, it's unsafe.

    I would just take the car seat, it's probably the easiest solution.
    If you want to wear your child instead, I'd try to get in the back seat and close the door as much as possible (to stay warm) put the carrier on and insert baby, then get out of the car, wrap your coat around your LO as much as you can and then walk into the store.
    That's what I do when I wear our LO, and what my husband does when he carries our kid into a store.
    Of course, this method would depend a lot on how big the back seat of your car is.

    I find it easiest to do the waist belt of the carrier before I leave home.
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  • Yup, put baby in the carrier in the backseat and then put your coat over the both of you (making sure not to obscure baby's face).
  • Back seat, and please don't put a coat on a baby in a car seat!! Nothing thicker than a hoodie or maybe a fleece; the straps should be the same tightness as when baby isn't wearing a jacket. Blankets on top once they're strapped in, but nothing thick between baby and the seat.
  • Honestly, I found baby-wearing to be very inconvenient for the scenario you're describing (out and about, running errands.)  I found baby-wearing to be most helpful/convenient in three situations:

    --when my child was really little and needed that "snuggled in a pouch next to mommy" closeness.
    --when I wanted to get stuff done around the house and the baby was awake but too little to sit up and play.
    --on vacation, walking from the beach cottage out to the beach, where it was inconvenient to take a stroller but I needed hands free to carry beach stuff.

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  • First, your baby shouldn't be wearing a coat in the car seat, it's not safe, even in Chicago weather. Put a warm hat on him and a couple blankets over him instead.
    What I do fo the situation you describe is this. Before you leave, put the carrier on around your waist and put your coat over it. In the parking lot, open your coat, get baby out of car seat, hold him and sort of wrap the carrier, a blanket and your coat over him. Hurry indoors. Once inside you can put your coat down and get LO buckled in the carrier.

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