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is my babys heart rate normal ?

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I'll be 14 weeks tomorrow. I went to my doctors visit at 13 weeks and 3 days and my baby's BPM is 167. The Dr said that it is good. But I suffer from heart problems and am concerned because it said the top BPM for 12 weeks and on is 160. Anyone know if this is normal ?


  • Your doctor is going to know better than anyone here whether or not that is a healthy bpm for your baby. Assuming you gave your doctor a complete medical history they will know about your heart condition and would have advised if there was any concern.
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  • My 12 week appt, the baby had a heart rate of 168. They say higher rates are girls lol. At 8 weeks, baby was at 183. Doctor was very pleased both times.
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  • This is normal. If your doctor was concerned... They would have said/done something about it.

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  • With my daughter her HR was 168 at our 12 week appt and stayed in the 160's for almost all the pregnancy. I would think your doctor would let you know if they were concerned or not.
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  • 12 weeks squishys HR was 159. 14 weeks HR was 154.
  • Its completely normal. My daughter's was around that and so is this one's. Don't be surprised though if it drops a little in the next few weeks. That is completely normal also.
  • At 12wk mines was 169, completely normal
  • At 13 weeks my baby's was 176 and my Dr wasn't concerned at all. Up to 180 is normal through the whole pregnancy.
  • My first time hearing the heart beat at 12 weeks bpm was 176 it supposed to be faster in the beginning but when I went yesterday it was 150 my dr said it was normal
  • Mine was 170-180 at 11 weeks. It has since dropped at 15 weeks it was 158. Everything was fine here and I'm sure your baby is fine too.
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  • Mine is only 142 and it's perfect. I am 17 weeks and little guy is perfect. Don't worry if the OB isn't concerned
  • Everytime since 13 weeks that we've heard the baby's heartbeat, it has been 166 bpm which is normal.
  • Mine was the same as yours and my doctor says that is just fine. No worries :)
  • Mine has always been slightly lower 146 but he said everything is fine.
  • I was around 167 at 7 weeks, 150 at 10, 143 at 12 and 138 around 14. Dr said anything 120-160 is average. Every baby is different and their HB will fluctuate in utero, an after birth for awhile until everything regulates. You're a-ok!
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