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My di/di twin girls are 15 days old and I need some sleeping advice. My main issue is when I sleep them close to each other, one wakes up the other with some grunting/moaning noises they give each other. Others have same issue? Do your twins sleep in same crib or you separate them? When I seperate them, one cries and hardly sleeps. I'm exhausted. Suggestions?
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Re: twin help

  • Well at 15 days they're still awfully new- I don't really think that them being together or apart is the issue so much as they're just brand new people to the world. Mine shared a crib until they were about 5m and didn't really bother one another. We put them in their own cribs when they started rolling around. You're in the trenches- these first three months will be full of things you think you have a handle on, just for them to muck it all up and change everything on you!
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  • They will learn to sleep through the others noises just give them the time and opportunity. And I hate to tell you that yeah until about 3 months it's going to be hard. And lack of sleep makes everything so much worse. 

    But it doesn't last long thankfully. Mind slept together until they were 3 months I believe. Always swaddled right next to each other. Hang in there!!!
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  • I agree with all of the above. Hang in there! Swaddle them up nice and snug and let them get used to each other's noises. It took us a long time to back off and let them sleeeeeep. Lol good luck! It gets better!
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