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Lets share tips that are life savors for us Moms. 

One thing that save me for the morning feeding is to have water all ready in the bottle pre measured out so all i have to do is add formula. 

Another one is I make sure I spray the spit up, poop and food stains before I throw them in the dirty cloths basket. I just respray before I wash. This works almost every time. (I use oxiclean because  I have found it works the best for baby stains all the way to car grease stains on my dads work pants). 


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Re: Mom Tips

  • When I get home from work I unpack from the day and get everything ready for bed time. Magic suit laid out, humidifier filled up, blankets assorted and in place.

    I love the spraying the clothes before you throw in basket! I'm going to move my spray right into his room.

    I don't think I have great tips, I just pretty mush set up everything before I do something so it's all ready (especially for night routine).

    I also prep everything for dinner when I get home (while LO isn't fussy) so I can just turn on oven or stove and start dinner cooking.

    I also keep teething meds and diapers right next to bed so I can do a quick change or put tablets in mouth quickly
  • I love the Dr. Brown's formula pitcher! I mix up the formula for the day, store it in the fridge, then just pour out what we need for each feeding. Mixes well too, no clumping. Saves time too! Also, I read about how tummy time on linoleum us good, but the kitchen floor is hard, so we got some scrap linoleum we can roll up to store but can put it on top of our carpet so it's nice and soft when he rolls,
  • I love this thread! I could use any useful tips. :)
    I use "lingerie laundry bags" to put all of LO socks in when I do laundry. That way I don't lose any of those tiny little things!
    I also have found Dr. Browns formula mixer to be great!
  • I've found that when I need to do something and not hold my fussy boy that putting him in his high chair helps. I just roll him in whatever room I'm in and he can see what I'm doing. He's 6 months old now and wants to be included in whatever I'm doing. So I make his baby food and clean with him in the room. :)
  • I never thought to spray the potential stains before putting them in the hamper, @mercedesbenz802 . I have already stolen that one! We bought an extra bottle and have it in the main floor bathroom. I also use a "lingerie bags" for socks and other little items (tights, bibs, mittens).

    I clean, dry, and reassemble my breast pump soon as I am done with my last pumping session of the night and put it with her diaper bag and my work things for the next day.

    I also have a "shower caddy" with a few diapers, wipes, diaper cream, and lotion. I have one in the living room and one in our bedroom for quick diaper changes on the floor or bed

    Also, a much more fun, and less "practical" tip is to buy crochet headbands in every color (amazon has a set of almost 30 for about $10) and bows in different colors that will clip on to them. I get my bows for $1 each at Walmart, plus I have friends who make cute bows. With all the headbands, if u don't have a bow that will match a new outfit, I only have to add $1 to the price of the outfit for a good match.....Fair warning, this has given me an addiction to buying bows!

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