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Passed out while driving.

So I've called my obgyn about this and I'm waiting for a call back but I was feeling extremely nauseous at work. I took zofran the kind that desolves on your tongue and I couldn't keep it down. It got to the point where I had nothing on my stomach from throwing up and I just dry heaved. So I left work due to not being able to stop and I was driving home I blacked out hit a curb and came to probably a few seconds later. I was only a minute away from my house so I sat there for 5 mins to make sure I was ok and i was able to get home. I'm wondering if it was the zofran or something else could be wrong with me or if I just threw up so much I passed out. Has anyone else had this happen to them? I know my baby is ok I have a Doppler at home and I've heard the heart beat. I'm just concerned.

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  • Zofran is supposed to be one of the safer ones for anyone who has to drive, etc. because it doesn't make you drowsy like some of the other meds do. I am glad you have a call into your OB as they clearly need to know about this - maybe you are just extremely dehydrated due to throwing up so much and it sounds like from your previous post you aren't sleeping well either. I know some women do black out during pregnancy, but while driving is very scary. FXFY that you get answers soon and all is well.

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  • That's so scary! You probably blacked out from dehydration and being ill. But I'm no doc. Just a best guess. Hope you feel better and glad you're okay!
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    I passed out twice at 11 weeks (I'm almost 16 weeks now). I couldn't keep anything down due to HG, not even my diclegis. I ended up walking in my kitchen to pour some Gatorade and BAM, passed out and hit the floor. Being delirious, I stood up and tried to make it to the couch and again passed out - falling right into two glass candle holders. My husband found me on the ground, covered in glass and Gatorade. He rushed me to the ER (Dr's orders) and they gave me an IV to help with the dehydration. You might want to consider going there as well... our baby was fine though thankfully!
  • I'm glad you're ok. I'd go straight to the ER.
  • Oh my gosh! I am so glad you are OK! I too wouldn't be surprised if you are sent to the ER at your doctors orders. I hope there is someone else that can drive you there. It could just be you are so dehydrated but probably better to be checked out
  • My obgyn did several tests and I was told I'm surprisingly not dehydrated but when you take naseua medicine and have an empty stomach it can make you dizzy and black out she told me to eat smal meals and a lot of water and if I keep throwing up then I she told me to go to the emergency room. So hopefully I can keep these crackers down. Fingers crossed!
  • Call your doc and go to the ER IF they tell you to. Drink water; you do sound dehydrated.
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