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Feels like I got kicked in the vagina!

Is anyone experiencing pain in their vagina? Like someone punch the bone part. I feel it everytime I step in my left foot or squat. Sometimes it's like a sharp stabbing pain. I talked with the nurse and she said it could be my LO dropping... He's been low since 2 months ago. I swear it's like he wants to escape! I get BH more often and Lord I'd take that over this pelvic pressure any day!

Re: Feels like I got kicked in the vagina!

  • I feel like that a lot as well. My midwife said it's partly my little man being so low but it's also the hormone Relaxin kicking in. Some days are worse than others for me..so I clean and do as much as I can around the house and any errands on my good days :) hang in there, not much longer!
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  • Its very painful. There is times im woundering if its where im starting to dilate also on top of that where the babys down so low. Bc i have only had it only like a week and on my last dr app she said that i was starting to open up..so maybe that can be a good thing?
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  • Oh gosh. You basically described me too. Ugh. I've been carrying this one so low the whole time and he's starting to drop I suppose and it's even worse now
  • My friends and I (with our last pregnancies there was 4 of us pregnant, all bffs, pregnant at the same time!) called it vag punching. Not pleasant at all.
  • Lightening crotch!! Yes I have had it numerous times when the baby has punched down and I have literally bent over holding myself thinking he is falling out. It happens more to me when I am walking up and down stairs.
  • Yes. Every day. I have pubic bone seperation
  • Yes! Just starting getting this two days ago. Was so confused until I realized it was lightening crotch. I think the little guy dropped.

    Almost there!!
  • @nicolerae90 i have SPD also...so i no how.u feel on that one!!.. just hope the pain isnt that bad when i actually go into labor. :-SS
  • SPD is the worst. I get the pain on my pubic bone as well as the feeling of your tailbone splitting every time you stand up from sitting.
  • Oh gosh. I cant even turn over in bed..my husband has to help me. I HATE it. There is times that i dont even.want to move because i no it will hurt. I pray these almost last 3 weeks go by fast!!!
  • My husband needs to help me so much. I cant even lift my legs up to put pants on. The pain is unbearable. Rolling around is rough. Im so nervous for delivery because of the pain...and laying flat on my back makes my sciatica worse as well.
    This too shall pass...right?
  • This is me too. Turning over, standing up, getting dressed...all just feels like I'm being slammed with a bowling ball on the top of the public bone. I do think it's baby's head down there. I have started getting some shooting pains with it, which the midwife said was probably dilation!
  • @nicolerae90 omg I feel your pain. I'm currently laying on my side because that's the only way I can "comfortably" lay down but I decided to look here and see if anyone else was feeling the pain im feeling. I've seriously cried from not being able to get up and also cried because I know what's coming as soon as I attempt to get up. My pubic bone just pop every time I try to sit up to the point where I just give up and cry. Ugh I just want my baby to be here already ): I found that if you slowly try to roll over on your back and let the baby's weight kinda sink in and then get up slowly, helps you stand up with less pain. Yes it still hurts but it's more manageable than straight up just sitting up to get out of bed):
  • But when its hard for u to even roll over on ur back...but hell my bed doesnt help at all eather..we so need a new one..omg tlking about sharp pain i was setting in the floor helping my hubby with a dresser we bought..and when.i tryed to get up i got this bad like electric sharp pain in my lower back..i couldnt even move at all..i just cryd and cryd it hurt so bad. My husband had to pick me up from the floor..needless to say my dr fusses at me for setting in the floor. X_X
  • When I am laying on my back and want to turn to my side, it's been helpful to hold my belly to help turn. Less painful.
  • Lightening crotch! Was so bad the other night I thought I was going to go into labor in Trader Joes.
  • Oh gosh all of these sound like me. I can't put my socks, shoes, underwear or pants on because I can't lift my leg due to the pelvic/pubic bone pain, I cant roll over/get out of bed or go from sitting to standing without a push. Walking isn't a thing anymore, it's ridiculous looking waddling. Idk how I'm going to do anything around here if I can barely move!!
  • Does anyone find this pain worse when in an upright seated position? Such as sitting in a chair or driving? Today it's been almost unbearable and have had to lay on the couch all day flat out to not be in pain.
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    Yup same here! I always carry low but feel like he dropped the last week & it kills. Hard to even put pants on, but not much longer ladies hang in there!
  • I am feeling so many of these things already and he hasnt dropped yet from what I can tell -- worried that I am in for it pretty soon. Feel better everyone!

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  • I have this type of pain all the time 247 but i wonder if it's normal to have it every 2 hoyrs
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