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4 week old restless

My DD has started to not sleep for long periods during the day.

She falls asleep for a bit then wakes up but she isn't upset, she may fuss alittlev

Is this pretty normal? Should we start putting her in the crib lightly swaddled to get her to nap? She either wants to be laying down flat or on me/DH. Where as before we could let her sleep in the swing or bouncer.
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Re: 4 week old restless

  • When my 7wk old started doing that I found when I gave her a quick bath then swaddle her up she takes a good nap after I lay her down in her bed.

    They are going to start waking up for longer periods of time. Unfortunately. lol
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  • My DD will be 4 weeks tomorrow and so far today, she has only been napping sporadically. She's not extremely fussy right now either but I can tell she's tired. This is definitely different from her usual pattern. But that's how babies are, as soon as you get into a rhythm with them they switch things up.

    Try different methods until something works. Every baby is different when it comes to preferences. Try the crib next time. It's really a lot of trial and error. But it's totally normal.

    This. Try everything you can think of. There isn't a right or wrong answer here.  


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