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Strech marks??

First pregnancy here and I am 15 weeks but just wondering when do you start getting strech marks or your belly grows enough to be noticed?? Is there a better time to start using products to avoid as many strech marks as possible?? Thanks!

Re: Strech marks??

  • Unfortunately research shows that whether you get stretch marks and how many greatly depends on your genes and if for example your mom has them, sisters, etc and cannot really be prevented with creams. However, creams and lotions can help with the itiching and dry skin as your belly grows. My first baby was reallyyy big (10.6lbs) and my belly was huge but I only got stretch marks in the last month or so. I have many and I was expecting them as my mom and both my sisters have them and I even developed some in puberty as I grew so it was to be more bikinis for me!

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  • I didn't get any either until the last few weeks. I thought I lucked out and had escaped them but nope :(
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  • Cream helps to avoid, I only have two from first pregnancy
  • I didn't get any with my first pregnancy until the last couple of weeks. With this pregnancy, I already have some! It just depends on your skin... Cocoa butter works really well. It helps prevent or at least fade them faster.
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