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Canceled IUI - Need Advice

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Hi Everyone,

Ive been lurking around and decided to post today. I just ended my first cycle of injectables ( 150u follistim). I guess i responded too well because i produced 7-8 mature follicles. In order to avoid multiples my iui was canceled. My RE really pushed IVF on me and was trying to convert me in the middle of this cycle. I was caught off guard by all this and decided to just try another cycle of injectables next month. This was my first iui and injections and think I should fully try this before moving on to the next option. I will start another cycle next month with 75u follistim which is half the dosage i used this past cycle. My question is did any of you ladies have a iui that got canceled due too many mature follicles? Did you try a lower dosage after and produce less follicles and get pregnant? They made it seem like IVF is my only option. But how can you know unless we try the lower dosage of injections first. Would love to hear if anyone has a similar experience. Looking for support here since I really have no one else that understands what I am going through :(  Thanks so much!

Re: Canceled IUI - Need Advice

  • Hi - and welcome. I hope your stay is short here (in a good way). Well, that's actually good news that you responded well. Sorry your IUI got cancelled, but you definitely don't want to end up in a multiple situation. You didn't mention how old you are. The push for IVF is often age related more than anything else. The reason is that the eggs get hard shells and make it very difficult for them to be fertilized.

    That being said, an RE told my younger sister to go to IVF after her 1st failed (unmedicated) IUI. She went for a second IUI and I have a gorgeous niece. Ask your doctor why they are pushing for IVF and remember that you are in charge. If you're not ready, you're not ready. But definitely make sure you get adequate information to make an informed decision that you're comfortable with. Hang in there.
  • Welcome!  I'm glad that you found us.   There are several reasons why doctors could push IVF.   What is your diagnosis, and are you over 35 years old?

    I have had a cancellation due to over-stimulating.  I had lost a little weight and I think that my body just liked the injects better, go figure.   I ended up being stair stepped back to my usual dosage the next cycle.

    If you have a non-ovulating PCOS dx, often times they will steer you to IVF right off the bat because it's really hard to control over stimulation.  Every cycle is different and you never know what will happen until it's too late in the cycle.

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  • Thanks Ladies for taking the time to respond! I am 34 and have PCOS and dont ovulate reguarly. They did say even with the lower dosage i could still have the same reaction. I guess we will see next month and just see how my body reacts. If not, i'll move on to IVF but would love to at least get to one IUI first. 
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